2008 Honda civic tpms light

 When we drive our car we can face the 2008 Honda civic tpms light is on. When we have a tire pressure monitoring system on the car we get alert during the low-pressure situation. We should always ensure the correct tire pressure for tire. When we have no enough tire pressure we can face fuel economy problems. Low tire pressure can cause various types of problems. If we do not solve this type of problem we should go to the nearby tire shop. We can also see the tpms flashing warning light due to tire pressure sensor battery problem. This warning light also indicates one of the sensors’ problems.

2008 honda civic tpms light

2008 Honda civic tpms system 

 We can face the 2008 Honda civic tpms light on problem when the tire pressure becomes low. Depending on the year Honda civic is manufactured with the direct and indirect system. From 2008 to 2014 Honda civic uses a direct tpms system. After that Honda civic uses an indirect tpms system. Indirect system uses anti-lock brake system.

2008 honda civic uses direct tpms system. In the case of direct tpms system sensors are installed in the wheel. Tires can indicate a pressure situation. When tires indicate low tire pressure the tpms sensors transfer the information to the electric control unit of the vehicle. ECU is a fixed system in automobile electronics that can control one or more electrical system in the vehicle.

When Tpms light flashes at the starting of the car it means the engine is malfunctioning. We can face this type of problem when the tire or wheel is replaced incorrectly. When we see this type of problem we should go to the countryside service department or tire shop  for solving the problem.

What should you do when the tpms light is on 

When the tpms light is on we should identify the problems and take necessary steps to solve them. When the 2008 Honda civic tpms light is on we should take the following steps.

1. We need to stop the vehicle and take it in a safe place.

2. For maintaining air pressure in the underinflated tires we need to use air pump.

3. We should use tire fill assist feature so that we can get the audible and visual assistance.

4. When we do not have tire fill assist feature we should use tire gauge to see the condition.

5. We should always ensure the correct pressure. In case of over inflating we should release some pressure to maintain the desired pressure.

How can we reset the Honda tpms 

We should do maintenance regularly. During maintenance, we should overlook the tire air pressure. We should maintain the correct air pressure to ensure a safe and comfortable journey. Low tire pressure can cause a great hamper to the vehicle. When the  2008 Honda civic tpms light is on we need to check the tire pressure on all four tires. We should fill the tires with the proper pressure.in this case we need to adjust the tire pressure. We need to recalibrate for adjusting the tire pressure.

Models with steering wheel buttons 

1. At first we need to press the menu.

2. Secondly we need to select the customized settings.

3. We should select tpms calibration

3. After that we should select initialize 

4. Next we need to select YES.

5. Finally we should press the exit button.

Models without tpms button

1. At first we should open the settings and then select a vehicle from the list.

2. From the top of the menu we should tap tpms calibration and select calibrate to begin the calibration process.

3. After finishing we need to hit ok and go back to the home screen.

In this system we need scan tool with obd module to connect to the vehicle’s DLC. Step-by-step relearn procedures are written in the tools.

On the other hand for the indirect system, we need a recalibration system. Steps are written in the manual.

How to reset tire pressure light

When we see the tire pressure warning light flashes we should check the tire immediately. Tire warning light means we should fill the tire pressure properly. In this case, we can go gas station or fuel station. We can use a separate tire pressure gauge for observing tire pressure. The tire light should go off after fulfilling the desired pressure. But it is still on we should take the following steps.

1. We need to drive at 50 mph over 10 minutes to reset the sensor. After turning the car next time hope this sensor will reset.

2. When the vehicle turns off we should turn the key to the on position but don’t start the car. We should hold the tpms reset button until the tire pressure blinks three times. After that we should release it. After that we should start the car and wait for the 20 minutes for the sensors to refresh. We can find tire pressure monitor reset button under the steering wheel. If we don’t find it we should check the manual.

3. We should inflate all the tires to 3psi over their recommended amount. After that, we need to deflate it completely. We should include the spare tire. We need extra tire. After deflating we need to reinflate again.

4. We should disconnect the positive battery cable with the battery off. After that, we should turn the car on and honk the horn for about 3 seconds. In this way we can discharge any power left in the vehicle. After that we need to reconnect the battery.

Honda crv 2020 tire pressure

The recommended honda crv 2020 tire pressure is 32 psi for front and rear tires. When we drive our car we need proper tire pressure and a tire pressure monitoring system so that we can drive the car smoothly.


For ensuring the best result we should always use a compact tire as well as an exact size tire. For observing the tire pressure tpms system plays a vital role. We should keep the tire sensor safe. Thi0s sensor can become faulty due to corrosion or inside the valve stem. In this case, we may get flat tIre. Hope this article will help to know the detailed solutions about the 2008 honda civic tpms light on the problem.