Best cabin air filter review 2023

As a  cabin air filter is an important accessory in a car we need to use the best cabin air filter. In this article, we will provide the best cabin air filter review. During travelling when we are inside in a car we need to take breathe. It is essential to have a cabin air filter for taking clean air to breathe.

The engine air filter is also well known to us. Engine air filters clean air that is essential for an air intake system to run the engine but cabin air filters clean air that is essential for taking a breath. The car air filter plays a vital role in the air intake. For running vehicles properly we should supply quality fuel. For ensuring quality fuel we need a fuel filter. The cabin air filter protects air from dust, dirt by using air filter media so that clean air can pass inside the cabin.

Air coming from outside to the engine is fresh for using filter media. A clogged filter blocks clean air to pass. Dust can cause a problem with the air system’s blower motor by blocking the air filter. When a cabin air filter becomes dirty, it causes a bad effect on the automobile ventilation system as well as our health. So it is essential to clean and change cabin air filters frequently.

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How to choose the best cabin air filter

When we choose the best cabin air filter we should consider several following things.

  1. We should choose the perfect fit cabin air filter for vehicles. Different vehicles have different sizes of HVAC systems. Some brands make universal fit cabin air filters. Due to different sizes, universal filters are not perfect for all HVAC systems. Before buying we should choose perfect size cabin air filters for vehicles.
  2. Before buying we should also observe the protection level of the cabin air filter. For removing allergies We can use a particle filter but when we need to remove bad odors, It is essential to use an effective cabin air filter.
  3. When we buy a quality cabin air filter, it can last long. The average life of a cabin air filter is about one year or 12000 miles. Cabin air filters can last 30000 miles. We can reuse cabin air filters after a good wash.
  4. Buying an air filter depends on the driving conditions. It depends on where we drive. If we drive through the polluted urban areas,we need a cabin air filter that removes the musty smell and exhaust fumes. On the other hand, when we drive through a rural environment we need a cabin air filter that can remove dust.

Advantages of Cabin air filter

We can get many benefits in our car by using the best cabin air filter. It works as a dust filter. We can use it for removing foul odors. Here are some advantages of using the best cabin air filter.

  1. It helps to improve hvac performance. After using it at a particular time we need to change the factory cabin air filter. As the air filters can be clogged,HVAC system does not supply air to the car. The HVAC system also may be noisy. By changing the dirty cabin air filter to a new one we can unclog the HVAC system and improve its vehicle components. As a result hvac performance is increased.
  2. The car’s cabin air filter has active carbon. It is an absorption filter. It absorbs bad odors. It removes dirt particles, dust particles, and it also supplies fresh air to the ventilation system by increasing air quality.
  3. By using this air filter, we can remove airborne particles, dust, and dirt particles. It also removes air pollution by supplying clean air. 

Different types of cabin air filters 

When we choose the best cabin air filter we find different types of cabin air filters from different brands. Most cabin air filters are from FRAM, EPAUTO, ACDELCO, K&N brands. Cabin air filters can be of different types. They are charcoal filters, activated carbon cabin filters, particle cabin filters, electrostatic filters.

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1. Charcoal filters

We can use charcoal filters for removing large and small particles. Charcoal filters use coal to remove odors. By depositing the coal charcoal filters remove cigarette smoke and exhaust fumes.

2. Activated carbon cabin filters

Activated carbon air filters are similar to charcoal filters but activated carbon filters use special ingredients. Activated carbon is a special ingredient that absorbs harmful gases. As a result carbon monoxide and other airborne particles can’t pass through the ventilation system.

3. Partcle cabin filters

For traping tiny particles, Particle cabin air filters play a vital role. A particle filter can trap damaging particles as small as 0.3 microns. We can choose particle cabin filters for removing pollen, dust, smoke, mold spores, air contaminants, bugs, strands of human hair, and other tiny debris.

4. Electrostatic Filters

As the layers of the filters are electrostatically charged, they have electrostatic attraction and hold ultrafine particles. We can use the electrostatic filter for removing cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes, spores, mold, bacteria, fungus, mildew, and diesel as well as bad odor.

I have described here top-quality cabin air filters so that we can choose the best cabin air filter properly.

  1. Fram CF10134 cabin air filter

It is one of the best cabin air filters. Since 1934 In USA Fram is a leading brand that produces cabin air filter. It can filter 98 % of dust, pollen, and other contaminants. It is an arm and hammer baking soda and carbon activated filter that can clean the outside air flowing through the ventilation system.

This air filter can provide more airflow for better performance. It also helps to prevent the musty smell from forming inside the vehicle. We can easily install this. When we buy this, we can easily get installation instructions along with videos. This cabin air filter is good for 3000 miles. After that, we need to replace it with a new cabin air filter. It improves overall driving comfort. It is a premium cabin air filter with activated carbon. We can choose it as the best cabin air filter.


  1. It is high-quality construction.
  2. It has no musty odors.
  3. Damaging debris can’t enter the engine.
  4. It can be installed easily.
  5. It has cabin air filter replacement facilities.
  6. It has activated carbon that can control airborne contaminants.


  1. It costs more than other cabin air filters.
  2. It is not effective at filtering out exhaust fumes.
  3. Due to the gray color, it can’t inspect for dirt.

2.EPAuto CP285 cabin air filter

It is one of the best cabin air filters. We can easily afford it. It is an affordable carbon-activated filter. Drivers and passengers get fresh air from it. The cabin filter contains hammer baking soda and carbon for generating fresh air. It can easily filter out dust, soot, debris, harmful gases, and other airborne pollutants. It increases air conditioning performance. We need to replace it with a new cabin air filter every 12 months or 12000 miles. It is a premium cabin air filter with activated carbon.


  1. It supplies odorless fresh air at all times.
  2. It is made of quality materials.
  3. We can easily install it.
  4. We can easily fit it for many vehicles.
  5. It can control airborne contaminants


  1. It has fewer plates than other models.
  2. Hammer Baking soda loses it functionally after a few months.
  3. Due to the thick filter, it has limited airflow.

3.AcDelco CF 188 cabin air filter

It is a reusable cabin filter with three layers. The outer layer captures the large particles, the middle layer captures the small particles and the final layer helps to make the filter stable. It traps allergens and prevents the build-up of bacteria and mold in our vehicle’s ventilation system.


  1. Due to having multi-layer construction, it traps more particles than other filters.
  2. The third layer makes it sustainable and reusable.
  3. It increases airflow in our vehicle.


  1. It is not a carbon filter.
  2. It does not strong against bad odors.

4. k&n cabin air filter

We can see different types types of washable cabin air filters in the market. Among them, K& N washable cabin air filter is the best cabin air filter. It is washable as well as reusable. We have no doubt it is washable cabin air as well as disposable cabin air. It is a reusable filter. After washing we can easily reuse it. It is directly placed into the airbox. K&N air filter works very well to protect the air from dust, debris, and other pollutants.

By using this air filter we can easily allow more air into the engine. This air filter gives more opportunity to increase horsepower as well as gas mileage. Its design is very outstanding. Initially,It costs more than another filter but the cost over time is less. It has 10 years warranty. It is not difficult to remove dirt, dust from the k& N air filter. We can do this easily by using a k & N filter cleaner and k & N power. After that, we need to allow 10 minutes for soaking to loosen the dirt. We should not use cleaner to dry on the air filter.

We need to wash off the air filter with water. It is essential to clean the air filter when the filter gets thick. Without using a kit we can easily clean this air filter. By using dish soap that we can easily clean this. We should care that dirty water does not enter inside the filter. We should use soapy water gently. We need to rinse them well. We need to clean the air filter when the filter gets thick.

After traveling 30000-50000 miles we need to clean this. We should check the filter from time to time. We need to check at least once a year. On the other hand, we should filter oil regularly as K & N filter elements have larger holes that can capture more road dust particles. We can use oil filter aerosol, filter oil squeeze for solving oil problems. There are different types of brand oil aerosol air filter products in the market. 99-5000 K&N’s 12.25 oil aerosol air filter oil is one of them.

We can also use a synthetic filter for capturing small contaminants. When we buy air filters we can buy OEM filters and aftermarket filters. There are many automobile companies in the world now.K&N, Napa are well-known companies. For getting the best result we should avoid ordinary air filters. We can buy cabin air filter clay, charcoal filter, cleaning filters, air filter element, filter cleaning kit, truck, filter, carbon filter, flowing filters, filter holder, care kit from them.

We can buy products from napa online. we can get item no, product information, and product dimension online. For better results, we should select highly rated well-priced products. All companies should avoid advertising garbage products.


1.  As it increases airflow, It improves heating and cooling efficiency. It also plays a vital role in a car’s ventilation system.

2.  Dirty air filters cause an odor environment inside the passenger cabin. By using k&n air filter we can make the cabin smelly.

3.  It can be washed and it lasts a long time.

4.  It can be installed easily. It can be installed within five minutes. We need no additional tools for installation.

5. It is a reusable cabin air filter. We can easily reuse it. It is washable too. It is very eco-friendly. As it has a disposable filter it does not cause problems to our environment.

6 . Wire screen can be easily cleaned.


  1. It can damage or coat the mass airflow sensor.

My verdict about the best cabin air filter 

Here I have described four items. They have massive quality. I have used all the items. All are good. They all have a flawless filtration performance. According to the budget, anybody can choose anyone. I like all of them. They are all great air purifiers. However, in the case of choosing the best one, I think the k & n cabin air filter is the best cabin air filter. It is very effective to remove unpleasant odors. It has enough filtration efficiency. 

How cabin air filter works

When we want to buy the best cabin air filter we find different types of air filters in the market. A cabin air filter is a small pleated filter. It can be made of cloth, carbon, and paper. In order to ensure Clean air inside the vehicle, outside air is filtered by a cabin air filter. The filter is placed behind the glove compartment or under the dashboard.

At the time of moving, it moves through the HVAC system, it can clean air. Cabin air filter affects hvac system. We can stop trapped mold from spreading by using an air filter. Mildew can be caused inside the car cabin due to moisture or humidity. A clean cabin air filter also prevents mildew.  Air filter helps to remove mold from the air. It prevents mold growth. We can use a pollen filter for filtering vent air. Pollen helps to supply clean air inside the vehicle.

When should we clean the cabin air filter?

 For ensuring the best cabin air filter performance we need to clean the cabin air filter in proper time.

Due to air filter blockage, we can face several problems such as loss of air volume, poor hvac performance, poor air quality, etc. We should clean the air filter when we see the following problems.

1.When we get whistling sounds from the cabin air intake ducts, we can realize problems can happen.

2.We should clean when airflow is not at a minimum level. It is below than normal flow.

3.We should clean when unpleasant odors can be felt inside the vehicle.

4.We should clean when we feel excessive noise

How to clean a cabin air filter?

We need to clean the best cabin air filter properly so that we can get the best performance.

Cabin air filters are made of multi-fiber paper cotton and other engineered materials. When we have a paper filter we need to replace it. Paper filters are disposable filters. They can’t be reused. We should not clean paper-made filters. We can reuse some clothe and carbon filters. We can wash these by using a hose at low pressure. For cleaning cabin air filters we need to read the operator’s manual.By reading the operation manual we can do air filter maintenance effectively.

We can also use compressed air for cleaning the best cabin air filter. Cabin air filters should be changed between every 15000 and  30000 miles. The replacement interval should be 15000 miles. Changing the air filter is not a difficult task. It is an easy task. Cabin air filter replacement depends on the type of vehicle we use. For changing the old filter to the new best cabin air filter we need to follow some simple  steps

  1. At the first step, we should remove the globe box pin. We should open the glove box and

empty it completely.

2. We should press both sides of the glove box for lower.

3. We should remove the old filter.

4. We need to clean the filter housing.

5. We should slide a new filter in.

6. We should put the glove box back.

Before installing we should air filter housing. Cabin air filter housing does not work until we can put something inside. Changing air filter cost between 15 dollars to 50 dollars. If anybody changes the air filter ownself he can save a max of 50 dollars. When we want to clean we should pull it out from the glove box and then place it on the table. We need to air compressor for blowing air through it so that dust can be removed from every slot of the filter.

When we clean the air filter we should care air hose nozzle so that it does not near the pleats of the filter. After blowing we should use spray for spraying it. Then we should dry it. after that, we need to locate it from where we pull out. At the time of cleaning, we should not use cleaning brushes. In the case of using these, the pleated filter can be damaged.

We should not use detergents and water for cleaning the pleated filter. When we clean the filter we should also clean the vents in our dashboard. Cabin air freshener can be used to clean the cabin air filter. It loosens dirt as well as road grime. By using this we can also remove fungus, bacteria, and other debris from it. As Cabin air filter freshener increases the electrostatic properties, cabin air filters can trap contaminants easily. We can also use baking soda and WD-40 degreaser as cabin filter cleaner items.


We need the best cabin air filter so that we can keep air quality healthy inside our car. It is located behind the glove compartment. It filters the air that enters the vehicle through the HVAC system. As a result, if cabin filters do not perform well, the HVAC system can’t perform well. Hope this article will help us to identify the best cabin air filter.