Best dash cam for live streaming

As we can use a dashcam for live video and audio with ultra-low latency we need to select the best dash cam for live streaming. In cars, drivers get notifications when the live stream starts and activates. We can start our driving when the phone is mounted in a cradle. At the time of driving, we should not touch it. There is no law against this. Some transport companies use systems that can video the road ahead in order to solve accidents. We can live stream when we want.

There is no problem with the copyright issue. The live streaming camera gives extra feelings to the drivers. There are many benefits of dash cams. This type of dash cam can protect ourselves, our business, and drivers. We can use this dash cam for recording cam footage so that we can get driver privacy as well as driver safety. We can use dashcam footage to avoid false claim as well as to prevent drivers’ risky behavior.

How to choose the best dash cams for live streaming 

When we choose the best dash cam for live streaming we should consider several things.

1. Most important feature of the dashboard cameras is to capture the live stream. We can stream footage over the web in our vehicle. In this way, we need a SIM card with data. We need such a type of dashcam that can take the SIM card and LTE capabilities. We need to use the SIM card in mobile hotspot device when dashcam does not have sim card but has the cloud connectivity.

2. Audio connection is another important feature. Many times drivers need to communicate with the boss. Besides video, drivers need to stream audio. Dashcam can do audio recording. It can be a problem from state to state. So we should be careful to record audio footage.

3. We also need GPS tracking feature. It is very important to locate the vehicle. GPS tracking feature helps to record location, route and timestamp to the footage. This is the great feature for ensuring safety.

best dash cam for live streaming
best dash cam for live streaming

Stream instruments for live stream 

1. We need hot spot for providing internet connection to our device.By using hotspot we can utilize the cloud. Most of the cell phones have own hot spot device. They should include a sim card. They will be powered by USB. They can be plugged into a power accessory in our vehicle or hardwired into a car or into a battery pack.

2. We can also use hardwire kit. Hardwire kit helps to operate them easily. For this operation we need less wires. First we need to locate fuse box. We also need a hardwiring kit. For checking  car remotely  via smartphone  dash cams should be runned constantly. Hardwiring kit has cut off switch. Cut off switch will trigger when it senses car battery getting low.

Top dash cams for live streaming 

There are various types of top rated dash cams in the dash cam market for live streaming. Here I have described the four best dash cams so that we can choose the best dash cam for live streaming. Currently, they are advanced dash cams. They are all discreet models too. They are all not expensive dash cams. We can get emergency services from this dash cam.

Will a dash cam drain my battery

At the time of driving, dash board camera plays a vital role for ensuring security. However, the question is will a dash cam drain my battery? Accident may happen any time due to reckless driving. Though we can be careful, accident can happen due to reckless driving from another driver.

Garmin dash cam 67w

It is a pocket-size dash cam that can be unnoticed on windshield. It has many premium features. It can record and save video of incidents with gps location, date and time. It has extra wide 180 degree lens that capture more of the environment. It has HD resolution. This dash cam records 1440p HD video with hdr topics. A high dynamic range is available on this dashcam. It has voice control feature.

It can save dashcam videos automatically uploads via wifi connections. It has parking guard features. It alerts us when any incident is detected. It can access the camera remotely for live view monitoring when we are away from parked vehicles. It has 24 hour monitoring system. For live streaming we can use this. It has a memory card that is ready to use. It has handy feature. It is dual channel dash cam. It has dynamic range technology. It has night vision. We can capture night video clearly. We should not worry about ambient light. We can show HD video evidence by using this dash cam. It has an adhesive attachment.

 It has potential collisions alert system. We can get cab alerts at forward collision, rear-end collisions lane departure etc. We can get lane departure warning. It has audio alerts to remove the harsh driving event as well as distracted driving. These types of features help to avoid harsh braking. It has many additional features that are really helpful. It is very helpful for real-time alerts. We can use it as the best dash cam for live streaming .


1. It can be installed easily..

2. It has a longer power cable.

3. It is a compact camera.


1. App connectivity should be improved.

BlackVue DR900S

It is a great dash cam for live streaming. It has many key features.It has 4k ultra high definition . It can connect the cloud for live streaming. It has own app for live streaming. It is a built-in wi-fi network. It is also a built-in GPS. It has dual band wifi. It has impact and motion detection. It has 8 megapixel CMOS sensor. It has starvis image sensor that ensures best image quality under any environment.

In this dash cam file size can be kept small. In this dash cam we can upload the video to the cloud for future review. It has field of view at 139 degrees. it has night vision. By using this dash cam we can capture night video clearly. The low-light environment does not affect us. We can use this cam in extreme temperatures as well as colder temperatures.


1. It has exclusive motion detection quality.

2. It has great video and picture quality.

3. It has a 4k resolution.


1.Night vision should be improved.

Thinkware F200 pro

It has dual camera  channel 1080p full hd dash cam. It can capture 1080 p front and rear footage in day or night. It has 140 degree front and 160 degree rear viewing angle. As it has rear view mirror coverage in full HD 1080p at 30 fps it can cover the rear window view properly. We can see license plates clearly. it has safety features. It has safety camera alerts and gps data. It has ADAS system that ensues safety on the road. It has wifi connectivity.

It can view, save and share dash cam record wirelessly on mobile phone device with thinkware dash cam app. It has parking mode surveillance mode. It has 24 hour parked car monitoring. It can detect and impact motion. It has safety camera alerts that can track the road and direction of travel. It has fleet dash cam system. This dash cam can capture exact video properly. We can get relevant video clips. It also has assist features as well as connected features.


1. We can install easily.

2. It works great.

3. It is an affordable dash cam.


1. Alert system should be improved.

Nextbase 622GW dash cam 

It has fantastic video quality and experience. It has a wide range of features. It is a dual cam model.It has ultra clear 4k video recordings at 30fps.1440p HD at 60fps and 1080p HD at 120fps is also available.We can cover car from multiple angles. It is a dual-channel dash cam.It gives us greater peace of mind..We can get exact location from this dash cam. At the time of offline we can get emergency services from this dash cam. It provides quality clear image. It decreases vibration from vehicle. It has night vision and extreme weather more. Dash camera  has larger pixels. It has extreme weather mode. We can use this dash cam in extreme temperatures as well as cold temperatures. By using this dash camera  we can get clear image in misty condition. It has 4k front camera and 1080p rear. It can capture night video clearly.


1. It can be mounted easily. 

2. It has exclusive picture quality.

3. It has enough security features.

Our verdicts  about the best dash cam for live streaming 

There are various options in the market. Choosing the best dash cam for live streaming depends on feature and use case. For real time information about driver, fleet managers need thinkware. When we need solution at the middle we should  select  BlackVue  DR900S. It can broadcast to the social media.After considering all the things I think garmin dash cam 67 w is the best dash cam for live streaming as it has a great streaming feature. It is a compact dash cam.It is essential to ensure necessity equipment at the time of starting live streaming journey. 


Currently, dash camera for live streaming  is a great feature for all vehicles including commercial vehicles . Nowadays it is essential for drivers especially for professional driver. It plays vital role for capturing video footage as a evidence for police and insurance company. For insurance claims, we can show video clips as evidence. For monitoring the vehicle remotely we can easily use live streaming dash cam. By using dash cam we can avoid unsafe driving behavior.  As a result percentage breakdown can be reduced. In this article, I have tried to explain dash cams. Hope this article will help us to choose the best dash cam for live streaming. 

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