Best front and back dash cam in 2023

Nowadays We should buy the best front and back dash cam as It is an essential accessory for cars. Dual dash cams play an important role to raise awareness among the drivers. During emergency situation dash cameras help us by recording accidents and other events. Most of the dash cams can’t capture all the viewing angles but dual dash cams are capable of capturing both sides of the car. A dual dash cam is designed to record both front and rearview.

Dual dash cams have both front and rear cameras. When we have don’t rear dash cams we may miss the accidents and other events footage. Rear dash cams ensure an extra level of security. When we have the best front and back dash cam we can easily settle the insurance claims and disputes. Though insurance company does not offer a discount for installing a dash cam, it improves our driving and reduces our chance of an accident. As a result, We can avoid increases in insurance premiums and feel comfortable and peaceful in mind during the journey. 

How to choose the best front and back dash cam 

Before buying the best front and back dash cam we should consider few things. Here is the description of them.

Dash cameras need good image quality as well as the video resolution. They are the premium features of a dash cam. They need to have a wide dynamic range so that they can capture video footage in bright and dark light. They need to record license plate numbers clearly. Both dual cameras need to have full HD video recording qualities.1080 p resolutions are common. We need higher resolutions for capturing excellent video. Among higher resolutions, we can use 4k ultra HD resolution.

Loop recording is an important key feature for a dash cam. A dash cam has limited space to record video files. Loop recording helps to keep recording continuously without running out of room. As dash cam has memory buffer data it can overwrite old recordings.

GPS system is also a key feature of a dash cam. For indicating accident location, travel speed we need GPS system.

Best front and back dash cam

Additional Features 

Before selecting the best front and back dash cam we need also to consider some other extra features. Extra features always make the dash cam more effective and popular. Now we are describing them one by one.

It is essential to know the recording capacity of  dash cams. They have memory card slots for replaceable memory cards like microSD cards. We can exchange the memory at any time.

When a dash cam records continuously, We need power sources that can supply consistent power. We can use a battery-powered dash cam for several hours. After using several hours we need to recharge the battery. We should choose a dash cam that can plug into the 12v outlet of the car for ensuring a long-time power.

We need backup camera and blind-spot monitoring features for dash cams. We also need safety features for ensuring a comfortable journey. Some dash cams have live screens. It helps us to watch what dash cams see. On the other hand, some other dash cams alert us when a vehicle is detected.

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Best front and back dash cam in dash cam industry 

There are various types of dual dash cameras in the market. Here we describe the top four dual dash cameras so that we can choose the best front and back dash cam.

Thinkware U1000 dual dash cam 

 It has sharp video coverage. Among all dash cameras, it has excellent video quality. It has 150-degree viewing angle. It has super night vision that can reduce noise. It can pick good images when lighting conditions are low. This dual dash cam has anti-file corruption technology. This technology ensures the safety of footage. It has a parking mode. This mode can record events by impact and motion. It has an advanced driver assistance system. Collision detection is done by this system. This system alerts drivers about forwarding collisions, lane departures, and front vehicle departures. It has a cloud service. We can get live remote view easily.


1. Video quality is ultra HD 4k.

2. It can record footage clearly.


1. It has no LCD screen. 

Viofo A 129 pro duo dash cam 

It is an excellent dash cam that has an ultra HD Real 4k dual channel. This dual dash cam has excellent night vision and WDR. Night video quality is good. It has an 8-megapixel image sensor and WDR technology. These handy features help to capture a sharp image by balancing weather conditions like dark or over bright. They also help to capture clear details like road signs, license plates.

It has a buffered parking mode that can give parking protection. Car camera can save 15 seconds of video before the event and 30 seconds after the event. For parking monitor, this feature plays a vital role. We can buy the VIOFO HK3 hardwire kit separately for using parking mode.

It has built-in GPS. It has wifi connectivity. By using 2.4GHz and 5G-band wifi we can avoid wireless interference. We can transfer files easily.

we can get premium features like loop recording, emergency recording, motion detection from this dash cam.


1. Front camera, as well as the rear-facing camera, work very well. 

2. It has exclusive video resolution.


1. It has no files, no big cards.

Garmin dash cam 67w and auto-sync 

The size of this dual dash camera is pocket size. We can get  GPS location, date, and time of day from this dash cam. It has wide-angle lens. This dash cam has HDR optics.The picture quality is good. We can get high-quality footage from here. It has an excellent voice control system. 

It has parking security features that play a vital role in parking protection. We can get an alert from this dash cam if any incident is detected.

Drivers get collision warnings, lane departure and speed camera warnings from this dash cam. It also encourages drivers for safe driving and situational awareness. We can use it in extreme temperatures as well as cold temperatures. It has enhanced night vision. Ambient light does not affect video quality.


1. It can be installed easily.

2. It has a higher resolution video.

3. It has a longer power cable.


1. App should be improved more.

Nextbase 522GW Dash Cam Front and Rear Camera

It has quad video quality. It has a dual 6 lane 140-degree angle. It has 3 inches HD award-winning touch screen. The touch screen is 3 inches wide. We can get remarkable image quality from this dashcam. It has excellent wifi and Bluetooth facility for dash cam. It can easily edit and share footage via the next base connect app.

It has GPS,g sensor technology, and dynamic range technology. This dash cam ensures vehicle protection on the road. In case of an accident, It also helps by providing emergency services.

It has an Alexa voice control feature that helps to play music, make call, listen to audiobooks, listen to the news, check the weather, find parking, etc.

it has a hidden rearview camera that offers 360-degree protection. In this dash cam rear view cam is mounted on the rear-view mirror. It has super night vision and parking monitor features. During parking, we need not look out for parking mishaps. Parking mode helps to detect any movement when the car is parked. It has visibility at night. It has vision enabled camera. It can capture clearer footage 


1. It has a three-inch screen.

2. It can be installed easily.


1. It has no 4k feature.

My verdict about the best front and back dash cam 

It is really essential to select the best front and back dash cam otherwise we can’t feel comfortable and safe during driving our car. I have used all four items. They all have good quality. After considering all the things I think Garmin dash cam 67 is the best front and back dash cam in dash cam industry. It is a compact dash cam. It has advanced features. According to price, it is a budget dash cam.


Currently, We should choose the best front and back dash cam for drivers as well as professional drivers for a comfortable and secured journey. Rideshare drivers also use it to avoid rear-end collisions and other unexpected incidents. It plays a vital role to solve accident insurance claim problems. There are various types of dual dash cams in the market but we should choose the right one. Before using we can check dash cam review.

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