Best place to put dash cam 2023

Dash cam is a video recorder mounted on the dashboard or windscreen of a vehicle to record continuously the view of the road traffic, however, what is the best place to put dash cam. For ensuring the center place of the widescreen dash camera should be fitted behind the rearview mirror. We should fit a dash camera in this way for capturing both lanes of the road ahead and the signage on either side.

When we drive a car many unexpected incidents can happen. To identify the correct reasons dash camera plays an important role. As a result, we should place dashcam correctly to capture video of the road and can identify the crash reason clearly. By using a dashcam proper judgment can be ensured. It really plays a vital role to capture live footage When a fault is happened due to the wrong position of the dashcam, it is really tough to hide driver’s fault. As a result, it is essential to put car dash cam properly.

How to install a dash cam

We should fit dash cam properly. When dash cam is not fitted properly, footage can be disregarded by the insurance company and profile. It also causes the break of the law. We should install dash cams according to rules. We should install dash cams properly so that dash cam can’t hinder the driver’s vision.

We could pay a fine in case of installing dash cams the wrong way. Before setting up dash cams we should read the instructions and take decisions where we install dash cams. In this way, we can estimate the total length of wire that we need to complete the job. When we install a dash cam, we should focus on visibility. It is essential to capture everything on the road . Dash cam lens should be wide angle. Dash cam lens can be made of glass or plastic.

We should choose such kind of camera lens so that it can do all basic things. Camera lens always plays a vital role for capturing quality images. We need to angle lens slightly upwards for the best result. We can use the mounting bracket to provide a mounting surface for camera lens. We should choose two formed lanes that keep the mounting bracket securely in place over your interior panel or headliner. We should tuck up dash cams into the top of the windshield. We should select wide angle lenses dash cams for storing more information .

Best place to put dash cam

Best place to put dash cam 2021

Where we should mount dash cam

We should fit the dash cam behind the rearview mirror so it is in the center of the windscreen but not obtrusive to the line of sight. By installing a dash cam in this way we can capture both lanes of the road and the signals on either side. In case of having bulky consoles or surrounds covering the rearview mirror, we can’t fit this dash cam in this way. In this case, we can place the dashcam on the passenger’s side of the rearview mirror but it may reduce the camera’s view of the road.

Dashcam should not be included in the area covered by widescreen wipers by more than 40mm. Some models of cars can interfere with radar or camera systems. We should choose the best dash cams that have a nice long power lead. By using this type of dashcam we can truck it around the edge of the widescreen before trailing it to the cigarette lighter. It is really important to set up a dashcam properly otherwise driver could be fined. In this case, recorded video footage can be inadmissible in court. According to Department for transport: smartphones, dash cams, and other items should be positioned properly.

Where we should mount front dash cam                    

Mounting the front dash cam depends on the type of dash cam. Dash cam placement depends on the size of the windshield, the angle of the camera‘s lens. It also depends on discrete. Placement also depends on how discrete we wish to keep it. We can change the position of the unit according to the color, finish and material of the camera.

We should choose black and a matte finish dash cam because it is the best combination for mounting anywhere on the windshield. We sure that it could be discreet enough to be passed. When we drive for a rideshare app, we should consider dash cams with a cabin camera as well. Before installing dash cams we should consider some other things.

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Windshield Wipers

At the time of dash cam installation, it is essential to know where the windshield is cleared of water by wipers. We should use windshield wipers cover for protecting during the buffing and detailing process. It also plays a vital role during rainy or snowy days. When we install dash cams we should keep a dash cam lower on the windshield so that water can be removed from the view of the camera. For installing dash cams we should choose front windshield.

At the time of installing most of the drivers install dash cams on the front windshield as it helps to record clear views of the road. When we choose the best position for dash cams we should select the right down the center of the windshield about a few inches down from the headliner.

At the time of installing a suction cup mount dash cams we should leave enough space so that we can easily install the device. For choosing the best location we should choose behind the rearview mirror. By installing dash cams in this area, additional viewing areas can be easily seen.

When we want best results in terms of view angle it is an essential to place the camera under the rearview mirror handle. The location is more or less the center of the windshield. When we install dash cam in this way we see that the central view looking out of the widescreen will cover the whole of the road.

Sunshade tint

Before installing dash cams to the windshield we should check that dashcams do not point through extra tint or any sunshades on our windshield. We should choose such kind of location for installing dash cams where tints and sunshades are no found. We should care that cables from the dash cams should not touch any parts of the vehicle otherwise dash cams cable can interfere with regular drive functions.

Line of sight

It is really important to place the camera out of your line of vision. We should confirm that camera does not block the view of the road otherwise accident can happen. We can place dash cams behind the rearview mirror or down by your dashboard. When we are sitting comfortably at the wheel the dash cam should not be visible or distracting.

Front Dash cup mount

Dash cam can be mounted to the windshield in two ways . They are suction cup mount and adhesive type. For fixing dash cams properly we should use sticky pad mount.

Suction cup mount

We can install suction cups mount easily. We should clean dust or grease for ensuring the best connection between the suction cup and glass. We should place the suction cup mount where we want

to place dash cams. We should switch the lever to activate the suction cup or press it firmly. For ensuring the correct field of vision we should adjust the placement of mount. In this way we can mount the dash cam. It is one of the best method.

Adhesive tape

We can also attach dash cams to our windshield. After cleaning the dust and grease we should keep the

windshield is around room temperature. The hold of the adhesive tape can be affected by the temperature of the windshield. For ensuring the stick we should stick the tape onto the mount of dash cam and press it into the windshield for a few moments. Most of the vehicles use adhesive mounting pad because the adhesive mount is durable and reliable in the vehicle.

Rear view mirror

Some dash cams are mounted to the rear view mirror directly. As there is nothing to the plugin, it is very helpful for drivers so that they can observe everything from drivers seat .When dash cam has rear camera that helps us to see what is behind us. Driver can see the rearward through existing rear view mirror. Rearview mirror area is a flat area that is designed to see rearward through the vehicle’s rear window.

Power sources 

1.After installing car dash cams it is essential to run the dash cams. We should read the instructions that provide by manufacturers for installing dash cams. We can use an auxiliary power outlet or hardwiring it into the battery.

2.We can use the cigarette lighter socket as a power source for dash cams. The auxiliary power outlet and the cigarette lighter are a simple ways to power dashcams. As the cable is provided long enough we can easily stick it to the windshield. In the case of flip side, we should ensure that the auxiliary power outlet turns off with the computer otherwise we can run the risk of battery.

3.Hardwiring helps to connect dashcams directly to cars on board electricals. It will start up and switch off automatically with the car’s ignition. For ensuring proper set up we can choose hardwiring. By using hardwire we can get the best installation. If the camera has g sensor dash cam will be active even the car is off.

Using fuse tape wire is the best way to hardwire dash cam into car. It helps to place dash cam wire in between the fuse box and fuses that control the different electronic components in the car.We should locate the car’s interior fuse box and find a fuse between 10a and 30a. For the right fuse location, we should pay attention to the car’s interior fuse box. Another step is wire tuck.

By using wire tuck we can hide the cable from passengers. It helps to keep wire separate from the car’s function. We can keep our car safe by positioning the wires out of the sight. It also helps to keep the car

clean. We can run the wire from the camera to the top of the windshield and carefully tuck the wire inside the headliner. It is easy when some cars have a notch in the headliner. We need to run the wire along with the headliner so that they can reach the driver’s side edge of the windshield. For tucking the wire between the car plastic and windshield you can use just your fingers or a plastic wedge.

Rear dash cam mount

Besides the front dash cam there are many places for a rear dash cam. Rear-facing dash cams can give footage from vehicle’s rear window.

Rear dash cam position

As most car manufacturers will put tints in the back window, we should try mounting the camera in an area with less tint. All cars do not have windshield wiper coverage on the back window because it receives less water from rain than it’s the counterpart. It is less mandatory to place the dash cam in the windshield wiper area.

For placing a dash cam we should avoid installing at the rear windshield wiper area. We should make sure that the camera is out of the driver’s view. We should also ensure that it is not distracting from the rearview mirror as footage should not be gained at the expense of visibility.

How to remove Dash cams from the Windshield

In many situations, you need to remove your dash cam from the windshield. It is not difficult to remove. Sometimes it is difficult for you to remove your dash cam because the adhesive on the mount is very strong. It is impossible to remove just using fingers. We can use a prying tool to loosen the adhesive. We can also use a blowdryer or heat gun. The adhesive should be loosened as the glue is heated up and softened. When the heat is not sufficient we can use a primary tool or the blowdryer again.


When we want to install own dash cam on the vehicle we should inspect our car properly. We should choose the proper dash camera location . The same positions are not suitable for all cars. When we have a suction mount we should try out different places. We should examine multiple views before choosing the right place for installation. We should keep dash cams in the right places for obtaining the right footage. As a result, it is essential to ensure the right place and right angle for car dash cams.