Built in navigation systems for cars

 It is essential to have built-in navigation systems for cars for driving safely.At the time of driving car we can get relax when we have a built-in navigation system for cars. In the case of safe driving, navigation systems play an important role. Currently, we get several different types of navigation tools. We get free phone apps such as google apps, good GPS navigation devices or build in-car navigation systems. Navigation systems are used to find directions in an automobile. They use satellite navigation to get position data. Mathematically automotive navigation is based on the shortest-path problem within graph theory. It helps to identify the path that meets some criteria between two points in a large network. Automotive navigation systems play a vital role in self-driving cars.

built in navigation systems for cars

Why should we use the navigation system in car?

When we have the built-in navigation systems for cars we can get many extra features. We can get maps that may be displayed on human-readable format via text or in a graphical format. We can determine the location by using sensors, maps and information from the  external source. It provides direction to us by using text or speech. We can also get information on nearby vehicles.We also get information in case of hazards or obstacles. We get the traffic conditions as well as alternative directions. It is also helpful to identify the acoustic positioning for underwater navigation.

History of the navigation system 

We need to go back for knowing the history of the navigation system. At first in 1961 Wireless navigation system was introduced. After few years General motor research(GMR) introduced DAIR. It was non-satellite-based navigation. In 1981 honda introduced its first commercial navigation system called electro gyrocator. It was the first with a map display. In 1985 first car navigation system was available to the consumer. It was called etak navigation. Etak produced digital maps for navigation. In 1987 Toyota introduced the first CD-ROM-based navigation system. After three years later in 1990 Mazda eunos cosmo was the first production car with a built-in GPS navigation system. In 1992 voice assisted GPS navigation was introduced. In 2000 united states made a more accurate GPS for civilian use. After developing day by day in 2009 mobile navigation app from Sygic for ios was released.

What is a built-in navigation system in a car?

An automotive navigation system is used to find the direction in automobiles. This system uses a satellite navigation device to get the position data. This data is correlated to the position on the road. In most modern vehicles, we can find the navigation system. It can be a smartphone app or an in-dash system. If we do not get it in any car we can add navigation to car after purchase. We can get a portable navigation device at a reasonable price. When we travel more times it is beneficial to have a built-in navigation system in the car. We only need to buy updated map memory cards every few years. We need to pay directly or indirectly for navigation in cars.

How does a built-in navigation system work in a car?

We can see that the built-in navigation system depends on the destination database that is stored alongside the map data. We need to update frequently so that it can remain helpful. In the navigation system, the signal contains data that a receiver uses to compute the locations of the satellites. It also makes other adjustments to ensure the accurate position.The receiver plays a vital role in computing, the distance, range from the receiver to the satellite. In this case, the receiver uses the time difference between the time of the signal reception and the broadcast time.

Currently, many cell phones include a built-in navigation system. Based on GPS technology this system helps to track and plot directions. Gps system maps the current location with a destination to determine the fastest route.

Can we use navigation systems without the Internet?

We can use navigation without the internet. When we use android and iPhone devices, the google maps can locate and follow us without using the internet. We can get the advantages of using GPS on smartphones without having the internet. Google map is the most famous navigation software. It has an offline feature. Apple maps can’t work without the internet. Gps system does not need the internet to work. Gps system is a self-contained system that has all the map data already installed inside. It can work independently even the data is off. Gps can work without a cellular signal. It does not need cell signals.

How can we get the service of GPS on my phone?

We can see that majority of android smartphones come with google maps pre-installed. When we do not have it we can download it from the google the play store. After installing we need to open the google maps app and turn on the location finding feature from the menu. Here is the description of some steps that we should follow to use my phone as a GPS 

1. First we need to open the google maps on our android phone or tablet.

2. Then we need to tap security and location.

3. After that we need to tap mode.

4. Finally we need to select a mode.We should use GPS, wi-fi, mobile networks, and sensors to get the location.

Automotive navigation features 

We can see many standard features in built in nav system. We can also see many additional features as well as safety standard safety features. We also get audio features, calling features, etc. In built-in systems, we need hd radio and hands-free calling facilities. Navigation devices should be compatible with apple carplay and android auto.  Here is a list of some handy features. We can avoid distracted driving by using these features.

1. Route planning.

2. Turn-by-turn directions.

3. Offline maps.

4. Built-in dash cams.

5. Voice control option.

6. Lane guidance.

7. Noise cancellation.

There are many top navigation systems in the market. We can get multitouch control, steering wheel controls, climate control, and wireless connection features here. We can use them in a wide range. They have great screen buttons, quality display screens, and satellite radio compatibility.  We can get the current map version, the current version.They are fuel efficient. We can also get wired USB connections. We can also know the average fuel economy. According to consumer reports we can find garmin drive smart, tom tom, pioneer AVH-W4500NEX,Pioneer AVH-3500NEX,Pioneer AVIC-W8500NEX in the market. They have top quality. They all have great shipping options. We should not worry about the base price and starting price. We can get them in an efficient package.

Installing a navigation system in car


Currently, we get a navigation system in most luxury cars. In the case of economy cars, we can also get it. When we do not find it we can add this system. We can also add standalone navigation systems. Currently, navigation systems really play an important role in smooth rides because, during journeys, we always get maps and directions from them.

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