Can I connect my dash cam to my phone

can i connect my dash cam to my phone

Can I connect my dash cam to my phone? when we use our dash cam we all want to know. Currently, dash cam is an important accessory for a car. During the journey or parking we can capture all the events by using dash cam. Dashcams play vital role both security and insurance issue. When dash cams have a wifi feature we can connect my dash cam to my phone. Wifi feature helps us to download and share videos and files directly to phone. As a result we can easily share footage with our family friends. We can also share with the police and the insurance provider when we face unexpected events.

How can we connect dash cam to  phone ?

Can I connect my dash cam to my phone, yes we can. Currently, dash cams are popular among us for having wifi features. Dash cam’s wi-fi connection increases the flexibility and popularity. During journey when we are inside in our vehicle wifi enables dash cams to allow stream and download video. We can change the dash cam wi-fi button setting from our phone. We can also watch the live video feed from the phone screen.

How can we connect dash cam to phone

Wifi connection to our smartphone does not cost anything. We don’t need mobile data. Dashcams sent wifi signals. Signals are recognized by the phone.

4 Steps for connecting dash cam to phone 

We should take some steps for connecting dash cams to phones properly 

At first, When we want to connect the dashcam wifi signal to the smartphone we need to stay inside the vehicle.The wifi signal is not strong like the home internet wifi signal. We need to stay close to  the dash cam around 5 meters so that we can find a strong signal on our smartphone. The wifi signal can’t work through the doors or walls. As a result, we can’t find the wifi signal for smartphone when the car is in garage and we are inside the car.

Secondly, We need to power the dashcam. Manually we can do this by pressing the power button. When the dash cam is off wifi signal is not active. At the time of driving mode wifi works for smartphones. The wifi does not work at the time of parking mode. So we should ensure driving mode.

Thirdly, We should cancel all the existing wifi connections on our smartphones. We can’t be able to connect smartphones to our dash cam when our smartphone is already connected with home or work wifi signal. if we don’t disable our home wifi our smartphone will search home wifi at the time of connecting dashcam. In this way wi fi connections can be hampered.

Finally, It is essential to ensure that the android smart network switch is off. A stable internet connection is needed to establish for the smartphone. In order to maintain a stable internet connection this feature automatically jumps between the weak wifi connections and mobile data. When the switch is on our phone can switch over to use mobile data. It can be also done when the smartphone is connected to a dashcam.In this way wi-fi connections can be hampered. As a result dashcam app can drop out.

How to connect dash cam to fuse box correctly

It is essential to know how to connect dash cam to fuse box properly. Currently, dash cam is an essential accessory for vehicles. It really plays an important role to capture video footage of both the front and rear sides of the car…..

How we can view dash cam footage on smartphone 

when we want to view the dash cam video files on mobile devices we need to pair the dash cam with an android phone. Before pairing, It is essential to ensure that the android phone is placed inside the distance.We should connect the dash cam to a power source.We need to follow the below-described steps to solve can I connect my dash cam to my phone issue.

1. We should select the wi-fi networks location. Bluetooth is able to connect.

2. There are many mobile apps. We should download a familiar app from the google play store.

3. Then It is essential to tap the ‘more’ button.

4. Next It is essential to ‘tap’ the settings menu.

5. Finally, We need to tap “external camera’> follow the pairing flow.

Why we can’t connect my dashcam to my phone 

Can I connect my dash cam to my phone?. When we can’t connect we should check the below steps. After checking every step we should try to connect.

1. It is essential to turn off the cellular data network(3G-LTE) of our phone. We should connect Direct wifi signal 

2. It is also essential for us to turn on the location in the app from phone settings. We should try to connect dash cam wi-fi signal.

3. When we use android phone we need to turn off the smart network switch. When we use an iPhone we need to turn off wifi assist.

4. Stored information of the dash cam’s wifi in our smart wi-fi setting should be removed. For android, we need to press and hold the dashcam’s wifi SSID, and when the pop-up appears we need to click on “forget network” .

On the other hand for IOS we need to click on the info icon and then click on ” forget network”.

5. We should turn off the wi-fi connection of our smartphone. We should also turn off the dash cam’s wifi by pressing the Wi-fi button. We should wait a few seconds and press the button once again to turn it back on. Now we should turn on the smartphone’s wifi and connect to the dashcam.

We should follow the above steps to solve the problem but when we can’t solve the problem we need to reset the dash cam wi-fi password. We should reset the dashcam’s wi-fi password carefully. 

6. Sometimes we can’t connect the particular smartphone to the dashcam’s Wi-fi. We can connect another smartphone by dashcam’s wifi.


Nowadays dash cam is an important accessory for cars. As a dash cam user everybody wants to know can I connect my dash cam to my phone. When we connect our dashcam  to our phone we can get great advantages from dash cam. It helps us to solve both security and economical issue. Connecting dash cam with mobile phone really plays an important role for us.

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