Why Car Dash Cam Had Been So Popular Till Now in 2023?

Car Dash Cam in details

Why car dash cam had been so popular. There are various reasons behind this. Suppose You are going with your family to enjoy a holiday vacation. The car is going through a beautiful road, at the moment you want to capture the sight scenery. Though you have a smartphone, a dashcam plays a vital role to capture outside scenery. Not only the scenery but also all the things outside the car can be recorded by a dashcam. It is placed on the dashboard or widescreen. There are many advantages to have a dashboard camera. Nowadays dash cams are used by bus, truck drivers, and police officers to capture footage.

It can be easily coupled with new technologies including recorders and GPS devices for recordings acceleration/deceleration g force, speed data, steering angle, GPS data, night vision, wi-Fi connectivity, app connectivity etc. For capturing footage, resolution 1920×1080 is suitable. The resolution will identify the video quality.Dash camera may have different resolutions. We get a dynamic wide range. For the front camera of a dash cam 1080p, 1926p, 1440p, or higher definition resolution can be seen. For rear camera 720p, 1080p resolution can be seen. 1080p is standard. We get clear dash cam video in bright and dark light.

History of car dash cam

History of car dash cam

Now in the present situation Dashboard cam is a common accessory in the car. Both Law enforcement and citizens are capturing many expected and unexpected roadside events. At first, a car camera was used in the United States texas police vehicles in 1980. That time it was not digital, did the work in an analog way. It took more time as stored data through cassette tapes. Currently, it is placed on the dashboard but earlier it stayed on the front or rear windows. In the beginning, it was not popular but after permitting to use of dashcam on the car by the Russian government in 2009, it became more common among the people of developed countries.• At the beginning of 2000, many false insurance claims happened. To save from false insurance claims Dashcam became an essential attachment of a car. By using a car dashboard camera, illegal activities were reduced. In Russia, north America, latin America, UK it became popular day by day to prevent illegal activities. It became more popular after watching police reality shows that show the actual use of dashcam. It is familiar in Russia. It is used as a guard against police corruption and insurance fraud. In the USA the use of Dashcams is increasing day by day. Its demand is increasing rapidly. Recently its sales have increased by 395%. In China, dash cams are also familiar. Day by day more car manufacturers is involved with this.• From the beginning to now, we can see the difference in dashcam features. At first, it was large in size but now it is smaller than previous models. Now it is digital but at the beginning it was analog. Now it can store large data, better audio, and high-quality video though it was not possible earlier.• Today the use of dashcam is increasing day by day. Due to the easy setup and protect drivers from illegal activities it is becoming a more popular in-vehicle industry. Cars and trucks use a dashcam to protect drivers and employers from unseen circumstances. The smart car uses this technology to avoid an accident. Some vehicle companies decrease premiums in case of setting dashcam in the car.• For collecting proof of traffic stops and car chases Police departments also use dashcams. At the time of turning emergency lights some of the car’s dashcams are automatically activated.

Why do we need a dash cam?

To record accidental dash cam footage proof, video evidence, and video recording it is essential to have a car board dash camera. For this issue, I think everybody should include a dashcam on his vehicle. When a driver drives a vehicle on the road, an accident or collision may happen with another car. However, if there is no dashcam in the car, it may be possible to get a wrong judgment. So everyone should have a dashcam to make sure the recording is accurate.• The accident is the nightmare of a person, or family. It can fade all hopes of the family. When a car is driven on a road, rules and regulations should be maintained by the driver. Everybody should maintain this rule. Without maintaining this rule by everybody it will not be possible to ensure discipline on the road.

Suppose, you are a perfect driver who obeys all the driving rules. When you drive your vehicle on the road u may see many reckless drivers who drive cars carelessly, it is your duty to inform the police about this because rash driving can cause a major accident. It will be easy for anybody to show evidence of careless driving if he has a dashcam on the vehicle.• Nowadays if a family has a car most of the members of the family want to drive. When our children want to drive a car we don’t want to give them chance to drive the car. If they drive the car without permission it can be easily proved by a dashcam. Sometimes we rent our car to another person. When it is driven by another person, during driving all the things inside and outside as well as how many miles cars run can be easily captured with the help of the dashcam. It can also capture driving speed, routes, and location. During maintenance mechanics, activities can also be seen.• Many times driver who is not responsible for the accident can get punishment due to having no proof. Due to the loss of an accident, many insurance companies give benefits to the driver. When an accident happens sometimes the culprit driver claims money for the loss in a dishonest way. In this case, many drivers who are not responsible for the fault may fall into the problem. Identifying the drivers who are responsible for the accident, a dashcam is essential.

If a dashcam is placed on the car, we can record video footage and solve any odd situation in a disciplined way.• When we get out for travelling beautiful places with our beloved person, normally it becomes a special journey. If the outdoor places are beautiful, the tour becomes more attractive for us. Everybody wants to keep this nice memory for a long time. To see this memory again in the future without a journey, it is possible to save these pics and videos. For ensuring this, dashcam plays an important role. Having a dashcam on the car, it gives a special opportunity to save memory.•

We often feel unsecured to place the car in remote or any other places because of fearing to face unexpected situations. Now in current time, many new drivers drive the car on the time. At the time of parking, they can hit the car and cause a loss for you. In the case of parking in remote places, we can face odd situations including stealing. To stop this dash cam is essential, no problem, the dashcam will be run if anybody leaves the car shutting down the engine. Moreover, from dashcam, it is possible to send data to the laptop, mobile, pad, and notebook. It is a great attachment of the car for ensuring car safety.• As a dashcam on the vehicle, when a car is driven on the road, everybody expects it to capture all the things inside and outside the car. Sometimes it picks an outstanding video or pics that we can’t imagine. Expected and unexpected things can be seen by this. On many online platforms, we can watch splendid videos or pics that are taken from dashcam get lots of views.

Advantages of Dash Cam

1. It gives proof of the accident.2. Identity who is responsible for the fault.3. Helps to solve insurance problems.4. Can solve the parent’s anxiety.5. Can give evidence of bad driving.6. Can keep the memory of the road.7. Record expected and unexpected incidents.8. Solve the police harassment.9. Decrease road competition.10. Identify bad drivers.11. Record the workshop incident under maintenance.12. It is featured with loop recording, when a memory card is full, we get continuous recording.13. It can capture license plate.14. It has 24-hour parked-car monitoring feature.

15. We can use a dual dash cam for capturing front and rearview.16. It can record video files.17. Dashcam with parking mode can continue recording when the car is parked. It is a great layer of protection. This type of dashcam has motion detection. It can record dash cam hd video footage when the car is parked. We can find this type of feature in the premium model. It plays a vital role in driver safety.18. Dash camera featured a motion sensor that can detect motion inside the car.19. Dashcam with lane departure warning system alerts drivers to prevent unintentionally slowly leave without turning signal.20. Dashcam interfering with fob helps to control the access to physical objects in a car.21. When we add a rear cam, it will give extra security. 22. When it has night vision feature we can get relaxed in the night time.


Currently, it is worth having a dash cam in personal vehicles as well as commercial vehicles. In this article, I have described why dash cam had been so popular. Dash cam is more effective when it has extra features as well as high-end features. Due to having a wide range of features, we get emergency services. We should always pay attention to key features as well as basic features. We can show the evidence to the law enforcement agency. We can get the insurance premium. There are many common dash cam brands in the market. We should choose the awesome dash cam. We should select bright display, touch-screen display, and color display properly. Before buying we should also see the consumer reports.