Car dash cam with motion sensor and night vision

Car dash cam with motion sensor and night vision

In current time car dash cam with motion sensor and night vision plays an important role to protect our car and driver. During driving and parking, dash cam is an essential accessory to protect our car. We can record footage by using dash cam. There are various types of features in a dash cam. Among them, motion sensor and night vision are important features. Currently, all modern dash cams have two of these features.

When we have these two features we should not worry about dash cam recording. Due to having a motion sensor feature dash cam turns and starts recording when movements are detected by our device. Dash cams can capture video footages and images in low light condition and night for having a night vision feature.

Working principle of motion sensor

For choosing the car dash cam with motion sensor and night vision we should know the working principle of the motion sensor. Motion sensor plays an important role to turn on dash cam when the car is parked or leaving our car immobile. When we start again to drive our vehicle we should turn off the motion sensor feature. When the car is running motion sensor mode prevents the recording. Some dash cams can detect automatically after turning off the ignition. As a result, we can save time and feel relaxed. Moreover, motion sensor gives us notification when any movement is detected.

Best dash cam with speedometer

For tracking the speed of a car we need the best dash cam with speedometer. When we want to buy dash cam it will be better to buy dash cam with a speedometer. At the time of an accident, we can be charged for an accident by a false claim. We can protect ourselves by showing recorded car’s speeds on dash cam video footage. As Over speed causes a problem we can show our car speed that is very helpful for the insurance claim and police case.

Working principle of night vision

We need to know about night vision when we choose the best car dash cam with motion sensor and night vision. Night vision is a feature that helps dash cams to record under low light conditions. This feature is a software-based processing effect on the video. It helps to raise the exposure of the video in lower exposed areas. This feature works on both front and rear dash cameras. Modern dash cams use HDR and WDR technology that help to work dashcams under a low light environment. They also help to adjust lighting conditions automatically.

Car dash cam with motion sensor and night vision

Best dash cam with motion sensor and night vision 

There are various types of options in the dash cam market when we want to buy the best car  dash cam with motion sensor and night vision. We should avoid simple average dash cam. We need to buy the best dash cam at an affordable price. Here I have picked four dash cam models that have the quality. These are the cameras with night vision and motion sensors. I have described them one by one.

Garmin dash cam tandem 

Currently, it is one of the best dash cams that has motion sensor and night vision. It is a pocket-size dash cam that has a wide-angle lens. The screen size is 2 inches. It is a dual-lens dash cam. This dash cam can record in tandem. It helps to capture complete video coverage. It can capture HD video recording easily. It can record crisp video details as it has 1440p. It has also 720p interior facing lens with night vision. It helps to capture clear video at night. It has voice control. It has wireless display features.

It has also a GPS mount feature. It is a built-in GPS. We can control the voice and save the audio and video recording. We can know the exact time and location. It has a motion sensor feature that helps to detect movement properly. The parking mode feature helps the driver to record automatically when the car is parked and turned off. It has a collision detection feature. This dash cam can detect possible events and save video footage of the event automatically. We can use it as the car dash cam with motion sensor and night vision.


1. It has a compact size.

2. It has enough effective features.

3. It can be installed and used easily.


1. App should be improved more.

2. Limited mounting option.

Nextbase 522gw dash cam 

This dash cam is a dual dash cam. It has dual cameras. Both front and rear cameras work very well. It has an emergency SOS feature that can give alerts during an emergency situations. We can get service of our location and other details. This is the 1440 p dash cam with Alexa built-in. We can use alexa to play music, place calls. We can also hear the news, check the weather, control home devices, get directions by using them. It has Bluetooth and wifi technology. Dash cam system works very well. Dash camera records videos properly.

It has quality playback software that helps to play, share and edit video footage. It has a quality motion detection sensor. It has an exclusive parking mode that helps to record any movement on the vehicle. This dashcam starts automatically with the engine starts. We should operate the dash cam with the range of temp -20 degree to 45 degree celsius. We can connect both cabin and rear-facing cameras to the dashcam. It is a star rating dash cam with night vision. We can capture good images at night. We can use it as the car dash cam with motion sensor and night vision.


1. Installation is easy.

2. It is Alexa built.

3. Budget-friendly.


1. Image quality should be improved.

2. Memory card limitation. Micro Sd card is not included for storing video file

Garmin dash cam 67W

It is a compact dual dash cam that can record and save video of incidents with GPS location, date and time. Both front and rear cameras work very well. It has an extra 180 degrees lens. It can record 1440p HD video. It provides sharp video quality. We can capture night video clearly. This dashcam ensures the clarity of images. We can see license plates easily. It has a voice control option. It has voice recording and impact detection features. It uses spoken commands to save the video. We can also use it to start and stop audio recording. It has a continuous loop recording feature.

Garmin dash cam saves video automatically. It is built-in WiFi. It has built-in GPS tracking. We can get real time information. Garmin dash cam has a parking guard feature. It can monitor our parked vehicle properly. This dash cam is a nice live video recorder for remote locations. We should not worry about the power source. We get constant power supply facilities. Video capture can be done easily. Garmin dash cam had driver alerts feature. We can get forward-collision warnings, speed cameras, and lane departure warnings. It has collision detection. It helps to avoid a major collision. In the box we get Garmin dash Cam 67W, 16GB microSD card, low-profile magnetic mount, vehicle power cable, dual USB power adapter, and documentation. We can use it as the car dash cam with motion sensor and night vision 


1. It provides great protection.

2. Installation is easy and well organized.

3. It is a budget dash cam.


1. Wi fi connection and phone app should be improved.

Rexing v1 4k ultra HD car dash cam 

It is a discreet design dash cam. The top image sensor can capture 2160p video. It has high endurance MicroSD card. It has enough memory space. It has night vision capabilities. We can get sharp images from this dash cam. It has a wide-angle lens and a wide dynamic range. It has a 170-degree wide-angle lens. WDR technology helps the camera to perform in dark environments. It also helps to maintain image stabilization. It has a nice feature. It has dynamic range technology.

We can capture good images at night. It has wi-fi connectivity. It has super capacitor and parking monitor feature. We can use it in extreme weather conditions. It has loop recording and g sensor feature. When storage limit is fulfilled, new recordings will overwrite the oldest recordings. It has larger memory capacity. When USB port does not support enough power for the dash cam we should use dash cam charger. We can use it as the car dash cam with motion sensor and night vision.


1. It can be installed and used easily.

2. Quality dash cam footage. Video quality and picture quality are good.

3. It has g sensor and supercapacitor facilities.


1. App should be improved more.

My verdict to choose the best dash cam 

I have been using dash cams for a long time. I have used all the four dash cams. According to my opinion garmin dash cam tandem is the best dashcam. This is the best dash cam because it has all desirable features as well as the extra feature to perform well. It is highly rated, well-priced product. It has outstanding image quality. Undoubtedly we can buy it for its quality and price.


Car Dash cam with motion sensor and night vision is a great accessory. When dash cams have these two quality features, all drivers including professional drivers can feel relaxed and secure. Before buying we should also check product key details, product dimensions, product description, product guides, customer questions and answered questions properly. Hope this article will help us to know about these.