Different types of new vacuum cleaner for all vehicle [2023]

Different Types of Vacuum Cleaner

Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

Car vacuum cleaners are used for cleaning cars, trucks, boats, and so on. It does suction with a view to removing dust, debris from cars. It must be able to clean various types’ debris both dry and wet. The debris is collected by either a dust bag for later disposal. The vacuum cleaner is also known as a vacuum that removes dust from different types of surfaces by producing suction.

It is used to suck up dust and dirt and creates a partial vacuum. It uses an air pump to create a vacuum. It not only cleans floors but also cleans other surfaces.

Working principle
The vacuum cleaner works by sucking dust, dirt, debris from the surface. Air pressure difference causes suction. Electric motor drives fan. Fan reduces the pressure inside the machine. As Atmospheric pressure pushes the air through the carpet, dust is pushed into the bag.

What should we need to look for selecting the best car vacuum cleaner?

1. Pick the type

There are two types

  • Corded
  • Cordless

2. Check the tank capacity

3. Determine the weight

4. Assess the suction power

5. Examine the filter

6. Check its wet-dry capability

It is essential to keep a car clean. If we don’t a clean car at the regular interval it will become dirty. Advantages of vacuum cleaner

1. Tool at a cheap rate

2. Easily portable

3. Saves time and energy

4. Very simple. So easily can be used

5. Very good features

6. Removes pet hair

7. Clean breathe

One question could become our mind that can we use the car vacuum cleaner in our house. For this case first, we should ensure the source of power. For car vacuum, we use Direct Current. But for households, we use AC current. A car vacuum is usually rated with a 12 v dc rating. Therefore, we can use a car vacuum at our home if we have 12volts DC source.

Vacuuming is better than sweeping. In case of sweeping some dust becomes airborne, some bits of dirt fall into cervices and corners but car vacuum cleaners collect dust from the crevices and suck it into a self-contained canister. So, it is an easy way to keep the floor dust-free.

It is very essential to keep a car clean for feeling comfortable inside the car. Everybody should clean a car immediately when it becomes dirty. But In the case of vacuuming once per week is enough. It is better to set up a vacuum charger at the outlet of the car than to have a chargeable battery inside the car. Having a long cord may not be a problem. The cleaning filter is very simple and quite easy. Nowadays portable vacuum cleaner has enough power to clean dry and wet messes.

If anybody wants to keep the vehicle clean and tidy, he/she needs the right vacuum cleaner. I have tried to give some examples here so that anybody can buy the right one. I have also tried to give the best guideline to select the product.

It is very vital equipment for keeping a car clean by removing dirty dashboards, sticky surfaces, and sneeze enduring upholstery. Every car owners need to keep this equipment. Without this, it is hard to keep the car clean. If anybody visits the market, he/she may find various kinds of cleaners but we should select the right one that is very powerful and portable. Some examples are given below.


A vacuum cleaner is mostly well known by this name. Sometimes generally it is well known by short-form vacuum. In some countries, it is well known by hoover. In New Zealand, it is called a lux. Sometimes it is known as a sweeper.

Accessories tools

Some accessories tools are attached with a vacuum cleaner to clean odd places such as-

1. Standard Floor brush.

2. High-quality Nozzle

3. Standard Dusting brush

4. Crevice tools.


The quality of vacuum cleaner can be identified by the following parameters

1. Airflow, liters per second or cubic feet per minute

2. Airspeed, meter per second or miles per hour

3. Suction, vacuum, or water in Pascal or inches of water

4. Weight in kgs or pounds

5. Noise in DB


Suction is the pressure difference created by the pump. Cleaning ability is related to suction. With the rise of suction, cleaning ability also increase. Normally suction is 2000mm of water.

Input Power

The power expressed in watts. By this power, the consumption rate can be found. It is not the identity of cleaning efficiency.

Output power

Output power is expressed by air-watt. Air is included so that it can be different from output power. It is derived from 0.117354 × F × S, where F is the rate of airflow in ft3/min and S is the pressure in inches of water.

Types of vacuum cleaners

There are major two types of vacuum cleaners. They are uprights and canisters. Uprights vacuum cleaners are very popular in the US and Great Britain. Canisters are very popular in Europe and rest of the world. Uprights have brush roll and motor. The motor is used for turning the agitator brush and providing suction. Two motors can be used. In that case one is used for providing suction and another is used for turning brush. Uprights  vacuum cleaners are used for cleaning synthetic carpeting and smooth floors. On the other hand canisters vacuum cleaners have more versatile design. They are very useful for cleaning carpet and smooth floor.

They are also be used for cleaning above the floor surface. Canisters vacuum cleaners use extra attachments such as hoses and wands that help to clean odd and tight places. There are three types of vacuum cleaners. All types are attached with a hose, wands, floor tools, and tool attachments. In the case of floor tools, they are different. The first type of canister uses a floor tool that is simple and non-revolving. They are used for cleaning the hard floors, hardwood floors, and flat carpets. The second type of canisters uses a turbine floor tool that has a revolving brush. The revolving brush is controlled by air that is supplied by a suction motor. The third type is a power brush tool that is driven by a separate electric motor.

How to choose best vacuum cleaner according to cleaning            

When we want to buy a vacuum cleaner, we see many types of vacuum cleaners in the market. We should choose a vacuum cleaner according to the surface area that we want to clean. If we want to clean the stairs, a canister will be a perfect choice. In the case of cleaning synthetic fiber, an upright vacuum cleaner with the necessary attachments will be a perfect choice.

Before buying vacuum cleaners we should also consider carpet soils and how many people use it. When pets, kids as well a high number of people use carpet regularly, the carpet becomes dirty and damaged. When we use synthetic fiber carpet, we should choose a vacuum cleaner that has aggressive bristles on the revolving brush. For removing pet hair we can use a revolving brush with stiff, densely packed brushes. Before buying we should check the manufacturer’s instructions.

Carpet TypeRecommended  Vacuum Type
Loop  (knotted yarn)Upright or Canister w/ extra soft bristle brush
Cut Pile (cut yarn)Upright or Canister w/ heavy-duty motorized brush
Frisee (twisted yarn)Upright or Canister w/ adjustable height
Woven (needlepoint)Canister w/ suction only rug tool
Wool LoopCanister w/ suction only rug tool
Wool PileUpright or Canister w/ extra soft-bristle brush
SilkCanister w/ suction-only rug tool
SisalCanister w/ specialty tool
Shag (2 inches or more)Canister w/ shag rake tool                              

Before buying  we should also consider some other features.

  • Vacuum cleaner performance.
  • Filtration.
  • Quality and durability.
  • How to use easily.
  • Noise level.
  • Vacuum cleaner capacity.
  • Storage capacity.
  • Accessory tool.

Quality vacuum price

There are different types of vacuum in the market. We should choose right vacuum. Different price ranges vacuums are found in the market. If we want to buy quality vacuum, price will be 399 dollar to 899 dollar. Within this range we can buy right vacuum cleaner that will last 10 to 20 years. Quality vacuum is 10 times better than cheaper vacuum.

There are various types of vacuum cleaners. Here is some description for realization. There are many types of vacuum cleaners. They have different designs, different specifications.

1. Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

These are very small size. They can be carried in any place. It has a wide mouth with a long body. It can work in a narrow space. Big vacuum cleaners often need to crevice attachment but these vacuum cleaners are very simple. Due to carrying any places in a short period, it has the ability to complete work in quickly. Having no complexity in this, just an on-off switch, which is very simple to use.


1. Small in size so easily transferable.

2. Easy to hold and carry

3. Very simple design.

4. Operation is simple.

5. Various options to afford.

6. Can use in any place.

7. Multi-skilled

8. Very powerful

9. Can rescue lost item.

10. Can clean many things


1. Small capacity. It is essential to empty waste bins again and again.

2. Suction power is not at a satisfactory level in comparison to the other vacuum cleaner.

2. Upright Vacuum Cleaners

It is designed with a high stick and a cylinder but its backside is not enough powerful. Its attachment is not easily found. It has a wider cleaning head that plays an important role in cleaning a lot of floor space.


1. Enough length

2. It has a large cleaning mouth that is suitable for cleaning more space.

3. It is very suitable for cleaning deep carpet.


  1. Too much height

3. Stick Vacuum Cleaners

It is very similar to an upright vacuum cleaner. It has stick vacs and features a small bin along with a handle. It has a vacuum stick that can reach the ground. In the end, this vacuum stick is attached with a cleaning head for suction.


1. Not much weight

2. Not noisy

3. Multi-skilled

4. Easy to clean


1. For a large area it is not suitable.

2. Have a smaller container basket.

4. Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners

It can clean a large floor area. It has two wheels on the backside and one wheel on the front side. Due to having this structure, it can be moved easily. It is a very compact size so easily can be stored.


1. Very simple to use

2. Very solid design

3. Very lightweight


1. It can take comparatively much time to clean a large area.

2. Hose can be difficult to maintain.

5. Window Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum cleaner is used for cleaning moisture. It plays an important role when the moisture becomes hard. It has a handle that helps to clean.


1. Easily portable.

2. Best for window surface

3. Easily clean spills.


1. Not multi-skilled

2. Have more weight.

6. Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Nowadays we have seen many inventions of technology. The robot vacuum cleaner is a sign of new advanced technology. No one needs to maintain it when it does its job, just set it up and start performing it automatically. The robot vacuum has programming and a vacuum floor cleaning system. Comparatively, it needs less space than the normal vacuum cleaner. It was first developed in the late 1990s and early 2000s. There are some popular brands such as Roomba, netao, and bobsweep. Robotic vacuum cleaners work autonomously. They collect dust, debris and store them in the dustbin.


1. Automatically do its duty.

2. Self-charged.

3. Need no effort.


1. Comparatively expensive.

2. Require more time to do the job.

7. Roomba vacuum cleaners

Roomba is a series of autonomous vacuum cleaners. Roomba was first introduced in 2002. Irobot sells it in the market. Roomba has a sensor. With the help of sensors, it works for dust cleaning autonomously. It can detect easily dust, debris on the floor. Roomba has several features such as a sweep canister, strong vacuum.
It has also performance maps that are displayed via a smartphone app. Roomba needs regular maintenance. We should empty the dustbin frequently. It has a rechargeable battery that can be replaced.

8. Corded vacuum cleaner

Corded vacuum cleaners have great suction power. They are plugged into the main power. It is very suitable for cleaning bigger spaces especially spaces covered with carpet.


1. More suction power

2. Clean large space.

3. Have a bigger storage capacity.


1. Have a heavyweight

2. Due to cord has a restriction ability.

 9. Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaner

It is perfect for cleaning dry dust and debris as well as wet liquid and mess. They have attachment and container that helps to clean. It is perfect for cleaning large floor areas and spaces.


1. Simple operation

2. Have a great suction power.

3. Dust can be easily disposed of.


1. Comparatively heavy

2. Comparatively expensive

10. Cordless vacuum cleaners

It has no cord but has a rechargeable battery that plays an important role in function. It is comparatively lightweight and low suction power.


1. Easily operated

2. Easily portable

3. Not restricted by a cord.

4. Compare to use.


1. Have a limited duration.

2. Battery needs to be charged more

11. Central vacuum cleaner

The central vacuum cleaner is installed into a building. It is used for cleaning homes and buildings. It removes dust, debris by installing a tube inside the wall to a collection container. It has a power unit that will be installed along with a collection container permanently. At the time of operation, we need to remove the vacuum hose from storage. After removing we need to fit the hose with cleaning accessories. Another part of the vacuum hose should be inserted into a wall-mounted vacuum inlet. After completing cleaning we should remove the vacuum hose from the inlet. There are two main types of vacuum cleaners. They are cyclonic and filtered central vacuum systems.

1. It can increase suction power.
2. It can handle difficult debris.
3. It can remove noxious odors.
4. It has low noise.
5. It can clean quickly and efficiently.
6. As a central vacuum cleaner can store more dust, it does not need to empty frequently.
7. We can get its service with a limited budget.
8. It is attached with standard tools and accessories.
9. It can reduce the damage to walls and furniture.
10. It has durable equipment.

1.Initial cost is high.
2.When building owners set it permanently in the building, it increases the value of the property.

12. Canister vacuum cleaner

The canister vacuum is a very strong vacuum cleaner. It can clean quickly. It has a comparatively powerful suction and flow rate. It can be easily portable. In the case of size, it has no limitation. It consists of a wheeled body. The canister portion of the body has a motor, filter, and dust bag. Among all canister vacuums, Kenmore Elite 81714 is the best vacuum. As it has two motors, it has enough suction strength. It has also a 26-foot cord that makes this cleaner also effective. It can clean the bare floor nicely. If we want to clean the bare floor, we have to select a vacuum cleaner properly.By this vacuum, we can clean the hardwood floor nicely. Due to the long, oval floor brush, it can reach tiny space easily. At the time of buying, we should select some features such as bare floor mode, variable motor speeds, seep & suck, floor finish, etc.

1. It has a faster rate of cleaning.
2. As it has a larger motor, it can support a larger filter.
3. It has flexible hoses and longer cleaning wands.
4. It can be easily portable.
5. It gives more versatile cleaning.
1.Difficult to store.
2.It can damage walls and furniture.
3.Before first use we need to assemble this.

13. Stick vacuum cleaner

A Stick vacuum is a type of upright vacuum. Stick vac is lightweight and less powerful. It does not have a bag to collect dirt participles. It uses a canister or dust cup. A canister or dust cup should be emptied between uses. It is smaller in size. Due to size, it can be easily stored.

  1. It is light weight.
  2. It has no bags.
  3. For cleaning it is not needed to bend.
  4. It can clean small messes quickly.

It has motor that is not strong.

Carpet cleaning performance is not good.

It is not quiet.

Filtration is not enough good.

It has limited run time.

Vacuum cleaner Brush roll

The brush roll is another type of cleaner that is used in a Vacuum cleaner. Wood, plastic, metal cylinders are needed to make brush roll. They have bristled with them. Strips of plastic and rubber are mounted on the brush roll. Most manufacturers use two rows of bristles instead of one row of bristles.

Various types of Brush rolls

There are many types of brush rolls that are used in a vacuum cleaner. Most of the brush rolls are made of plastic or wood. Brush rolls are found in various sizes and shapes. They may be round cylindrical. Some of the brush rolls are made of steel or aluminum.

Working principle of brush rolls

Brush rolls are driven by electric or air driven. The brush roll is used to remove dirt from carpets. We should not use brush roll for cleaning bare floors such as wood, vinyl, or tile.

14. Bagged vacuum cleaner

A bagged vacuum works by using a bag that is made of paper or cloth. The bag works as a filter to pass air but it is not big enough to pass dust particles. When the bag is filled, the bag should be changed.

1.It is very clean and dirt-free.
2.It is very useful for allergy sufferers
3.It is featured with hepa filter.
4.Maintainenance can be easily done.

1. We need to buy more bags.
2. Overall performance can be decreased due to bag fill.
Bagless vacuum cleaner
A bagless vacuum collects dust from the surface. Bagless vacuum does not use bag. It uses a dust cup or chamber to store dust. Dust cups or chambers can be easily emptied and cleaned.

1. Comparatively it is less expensive.
2. It can be easily emptied.
3. It is more environmentally friendly.
1. It needs more maintenance.

15. Drum vacuum cleaner

Drum vacuum is a type of cylinder vacuum cleaner. It is used for heavy industrial purpose. Here the canister consists of vertically positioned drum. Smaller versons are used in workshops.

16. Wet or dry vacuum cleaner

A wet or dry vacuum is another type of cylinder vacuum cleaner that is used to clean wet or liquid spills. They are used both indoor and outdoor for collecting dry or wet debris.
Pneumatic vacuum cleaners
The pneumatic vacuum cleaner is a type of wet or dry vacuum cleaner. It can collect both wet and dry debris. It is used in the industrial and manufacturing plants.

17. Backpack vacuum cleaners

The backpack vacuum is mainly used for commercial cleaning. It is featured with a canister that collects dust, dirt, debris. As it has a clear canister we can easily know how much dust is stored. If we know the dust amount we can empty the canister easily. Using a backup vacuum is very profitable. It can do duty in tight spaces and it is easily portable

Crevic tool

We can find crevic tool in a vacuum cleaner. We can also buy it separately. It has a skinny shape with an angled tip. By using micro kit attachment we can clean tight spaces. When we need extra attachment, need to reach odd area and high surface we use it. We use it for cleaning compact space such as baseboard, radiators, vents.
We can also use it for cleaning refrigerator coil.

Upholstery tools

Most of the vacuums are featured with the upholstery tool. Upholstery tool helps vacuum to reach odd area to clean. It increases vacuum efficiency. Vacuum can work effectively with the help of an upholstery tool. Besides crevice and upholstery tools vacuum comes with several attachments such as a dusting brush, extension wand, bare floor brush, power or turbo brush, mattress attachment.

Dusting brush

A vacuum dusting brush is one type of attachment that is used in a vacuum cleaner. The dusting brush has angled bristles that help to collect dust into the hose. It is used for vacuuming the hard surface areas.

How we can clean vacuum attachments

We can clean vacuum attachments easily. For cleaning, we need a bucket that is filled with warm water. Then we need to mix one teaspoon of dish soap with water. For having hair stuck with any attachment we need a toothbrush and brush for cleaning.

18. Dyson vacuum cleaner

Dyson vacuum has the most powerful suction. It decreases the chance of vacuum clogging. It uses cyclonic operation for removing dust, dirt particles, and allergens from the air. For deep cleaning and solving hard floor solutions, we can also use a Dyson vacuum.
Currently, the portable car vacuum cleaner is an important accessory for cars. There is some exclusive brand in the market such as Miele, Shark, Dyson. They produce a quality product. For cleaning purposes, vacuum cleaner plays a vital role. As a vacuum cleaner has the ability to remove dust from the floor and carpet, It is also used as floor care. From home to car we can easily use a vacuum cleaner for solving our cleaning problem.

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