New authentic information about Digital car tyre inflator in 2023

Digital Car Tyre Inflator

The digital car tyre inflator is one of the most important accessories of the automobile. It is one type of air compressor pump that is used to pump tires to fill the desired pressure. The inflator may be in different sizes and shapes. A small size inflator can easily be fitted in the boot of the car. It can also be used in an emergency but a big size inflator may not be fitted in a car. It can pump tires at high speed. Currently, compressed air is found in many places like gas stations, workshops. Compressed air pressure is always kept greater than atmospheric pressure. It can be used to fill the gas tank. The most common use of an air compressor is a car tire inflator. A car tire inflator is used for ensuring the right tire pressure.

Why we need to use Digital car tyre inflator:

Most of us need to go on a drive for different purposes. For fixing flat tires, nobody likes to wait for a mechanic on the midway. An unwanted situation can happen anywhere. It is not reliable to wait for the mechanic at all times. Nowadays most of the tires are tubeless tires that may puncture after running 1000km. Digital car tyre inflator are very useful even if the tires are not tubeless. We can use a portable air compressor as a tire inflator. Compressor pump can provide tires maximum pressure 70 psi and 1.06 cubic feet per minute airflow.

What is an Air inflator?

Air inflator converts the electrical energy into potential energy. Air inflator stores it as pressurized air. At the time of using this pressurized air, potential energy is converted to kinetic energy. For filling gas cylinders, this kinetic energy is used. Air inflators are different from Air pumps. Air pumps move air from one place to another place without increasing pressure.

Parts of an Digital car tyre inflator

There are three major parts in air inflator such as

  1. Piston
  2. Air tank
  3. Gauge

The crankshaft is driven by a motor or engine. The piston works by receiving force from the crankshaft. After getting forced it compresses air and delivers it to the nozzle at high pressure.

  • The Air tank is another part of an Air inflator. Air tank is used to hold Air in a certain pressure range. This compressed air is used to power tools. If the tank is depleted, the pressure will decrease. In this case, the motor will get a signal automatically that keeps the pressure constant inside the tank. After reaching the acceptable pressure, the motor will turn off.
  • Pressure needs to be measured. To measure pressure, a gauge is needed. Some inflator has high PSI. For reading high PSI, a gauge is needed that can read high PSI. High Psi does not mean high power.

Working principle of an Digital car tyre inflator

  • Inflator works by positive displacement. In this case, a reciprocating piston is used. By reducing air volume, air pressure is increased gradually. The piston is driven by the crankshaft. The piston compresses air. The piston moves up and down. By moving down the piston creates a vacuum above the piston. So, air can be moved inside from outside. By moving up piston compresses the air above the piston. This increases pressure and stops the outside air from coming in. A valve is used to open the air storage tank. When the valve opens the tank, compressed air flows into the tank. Every stroke helps to more airflow into the tank as well as increase the pressure of the compressed air.

There are two kinds of air inflators available in the market.

1. Electric tyre inflators.

2. Foot air pump.

  • Electric tyre inflators are operated electrically. They can be used easily. They have a 12 v electrical compressor that inflates air into the tyre through a knob. They have been designed in such a way that pressure can easily be seen.
  • Foot air pumps are operated manually. They are used to inflate two-wheel tyres. They have an air pressure gauge and hose. Through hose, air can be passed into the tyre. They can be used in cars but need more effort and time.

Types of tire inflators

  1. DC tire inflator
  2. Cordless tire inflator
  3. Manual tire inflator.
  4. Digital tire inflator.
    • The functions of all the tire inflators are the same but their power source is different.
       12V DC power inflator is one of the common types of Digital car tyre inflator. It is connected to the cigarette lighter of the vehicle since the cigarette lighter works as a central point of a car. This way inflators can reach all four tires without a lengthy power cord. This type of inflator is portable. We can carry it easily. In the case of using a car flat battery, it can’t power the inflator.
       A lithium-ion battery powers a cordless type inflator. This type of inflator is very expensive. We can use it easily. It is comfortable and gives excellent power.
       The manual tire inflator has cylinders and non-slip foot padels. This type of inflator is very useful for bicycle tires as well as bike tires. During an emergency, it plays a vital role. Electricity is not needed to operate this type of inflator. It is foot operated tire inflator.

Types of an air compressor

  1. Rotary screw compressor
  2. Reciprocating compressor
  3. Dynamic compressor
  4. Axial compressor
     A rotary screw compressor is the best type of screw compressor. It has two internal rotors. It produces energy By turning the rotor in opposite direction. As it has an internal cooling system, it can be used continuously. It has a power range from 5hp to 300hp. It can be either lubricated or oil-free.
     The reciprocating compressor works by moving the piston from one side to another side inside the cylinder. The piston is driven by the crankshaft. The reciprocating compressor may be single or multi-stage. When we need more power, we should use a multistage compressor.
     The dynamic compressor is a rotary continuous flow machine. It works by rotating elements rapidly. As elements rotate rapidly, They assist to accelerate air and convert velocity head into pressure.
     Axial compressors are used in ships, planes, and high-speed engines. They are expensive.
     Centrifugal compressor works by adding kinetic energy to a continuous fluid through impeller or rotor. It is used to deliver a large volume of the refrigerant at low pressure.

Difference between Tire inflators and Air compressors

We can deliver air into tires in many ways such as tire inflators and air compressors. In the case of size, pressure production, and using the power we can see differences between them. An air compressor is a device that is used to pump air into a car tire. Besides this, we can use them in various fields. We get portable air compressors in various sizes. The Air compressor is driven by an electric motor. The electric motor needs to supply power to start the compressor as a prime mover. Generally, Air compressors are larger than small inflators. Larger air compressors are less portable than lighter tire inflators. Air compressor is used for driving air tools. An air tool is driven by compressed air. For portability, the air tool is driven by compressed carbon dioxide.
By using Air compressors we can fill air mattresses with air. For filling with the air we should fill 90 percent of Air mattress. Currently, digital air compressors are found in some gas stations. After reaching set pressure, the compressor will automatically stop. After completing tire inflation, we can check the final pressure with a digital pressure gauge. Digital inflators are used to inflate the tyre. They are the smaller version of air compressor pumps but they have more functions than compressor pumps. Tire inflators have extra features such as a led flashlight, USB ports. They use a 12v socket and can run from a cigarette port in a car. Many new cars have this option. They can get power from a 120 volt Air conditioner outlet. Some also have batteries. Batteries can be used without a power cord if they are charged. They are small, portable, and work very well during an emergency. They can be used for filling a flat tire, jumping a car battery, and charging our phones.
How to check compressor motor, when we think the compressor motor has a problem, we should take the following steps.

  1. Firstly we should disconnect the power.
  2. After that we should disconnect the top of the outdoor condensing unit.
  3. Then it is essential to unplug the 3 prong plug on the compressor.
  4. Finally we should use a multimeter to measure the resistance of each winding.

Advantages of car tyre inflators

1. Tyre inflators are easily portable. They can be carried easily from one place to another place.

2. Tyre inflators help to increase tyre longevity. As the low tyre pressure can reduce mileage and fuel consumption, tyre inflator’s help to cut down the expenses.

3. They are very useful and can save a lot of time.

4. For safety issues they play an important role. In case of a break down during running on the road need not mechanic to solve the problem.

5. Tyre inflators can easily be used. They are very user friendly.

6. As the Digital tire inflator has an LCD screen pressure gauge, we can observe the pressure regularly.

Features of top-quality tire inflators

• Material that is used to make tire inflators should be of good quality. Materials should lasted for a long time.
• Pressure gauges should be used to check the air pressure. The pressure gauge should be digital.
• They should be featured with LED lights.
• They should have automatically shut off the function.
• They should be multipurpose functional.
• They can be easily ported.

Important factors for using tire inflators

 Inflation speed is an important characteristic of a tire inflator. We should choose such kind of tire inflator that can fill the tire with pressure quickly.
 The tire inflator should be durable and strong so that we can use it for a long time.
 Size is an important factor for tire inflators. If the size is small like 20x20cm or less, we can easily carry and store them.
 Tire inflators should not be used continuously for more than 10-15 minutes. After using they should be cooled for 10-30 minutes otherwise overheating can cause a problem.
 We can get different price ranges for tire inflators in the market. According to choice price can be different. We should select tire inflators according to our budget.
 Cord length is another important factor. For having proper long cord we can fill tire easily.
 When we select a tire inflator we should select a simple user-friendly tire inflator so that we can operate and realize the manual easily.

How can we pump a bike tire?

By using an air compressor we can fill bike tires more quickly than a manual pump. When we pump tires at a gas station we should be careful. Before pumping the bike tire we should follow some steps.
1. Bike pump is essential for the bike tire’s valve.
2. We should determine the tire pressure that we need for a bike.
3. After that we should unscrew the cap from the valve.
4. Then we should place the pump on the valve.
5. Next we should pull up the pump lever.
6. After completing the steps we should inflate the tire.

Finally, we should remove the pump from the valve. In case of excess pressure we can remove some air to ensure correct pressure.

How can we pump bicycle tires?

We can use a bicycle pump to inflate bicycle tires. A bicycle pump is one kind of positive displacement pump. It works by moving the piston from one side to another side. The piston is operated by hand. During upstroke piston sucks air from outside and during downstroke air is displaced by the piston into the tire. Some pumps have a pressure gauge so that we can see the air pressure. After reaching the desired pressure, we can remove the pump valve from the tire.
There are three types of the bicycle pump
1. Stand pump
2. Hand pump
3. Foot pump.
Besides this, some other pumps are used such as mini pumps,c02 inflators. Mini pumps are small and tight. As They can be easily carried on the bicycle, we use them during an emergency situation.
Mountain bike and road bike racers use the gas pump. Most gas pumps use carbon dioxide and standard threaded 16g c02 canisters.

Importance of tyre pressure

Tyre pressure can be easily overlooked, but it is very important to ensure that tyres hold the right amount of air. Tyres are the only part of the car that contact with the road. Many problems can happen in case of inflating tyres incorrectly. It can affect a car’s handling, braking, and fuel economy. Tyres may wear out at different rates due to having different pressure.

Way of finding correct tyre pressure

Stickers are attached beside the fuel filler cap or the driver’s door to show the correct tyre pressure. Manufacturers attached these stickers. According to different wheel sizes or specifications, stickers often carry the pressure. Wheel sizes and specifications are identified by a series of numbers and letters that describe the tyre’s size and width. The pressure is expressed in bar and psi. Tyre pressures are normally between 30 psi and 40 psi (2 bar and 2.8 bar).

How to test tyre pressure

Each of the inflators has a gauge that shows the tyre pressure. For having a gauge, tyre pressure can be easily seen which is very important for taking necessary steps in case of an abnormal situation. For using them, simply remove the dust cap from the valve on the tyre and push the end of the air hose over it, before pressing or releasing any catch to clamp it in place. Though petrol stations have pressure gauges, they are not always accurate. For this reason, own equipment should be used to get the best result.

The proper time of checking tyres

Typically tyres should be checked after two weeks. When tyres are cold, they also should be checked. Pressure increase slightly with the tyres warms up through driving. According to one of the major tyre manufacturers, tyres that are underinflated by 15 psi will raise fuel consumption by 6% and increase barking distance by 5m when traveling at 56 mph. Tyres condition should be checked at the same time. By testing the amount of tread left to ensure there are no cracks or bulges that could lead to one of them bustling. It is not legal to have 1.6mm of tread around the central part of the tyres, covering three-quarters of its area. One of the ways for testing to place a 20p piece between the grooves. If the border touches the tyre, tires need to be replaced soon.

When we decide to buy a digital tire inflator we should look at the specification. After looking at specifications we can make a decision. Many small units are known as air compressors but they are not suitable for vehicles. Currently, it is common used in the car. During an emergency, it plays a vital role to solve our problem.