Diode dynamics ss3 max fog lights

Diode dynamics ss3 max fog lights provide high output intensity. They are designed so well that they can provide maximum functionality. They have custom engineered TIR optics shining in highly useful beam pattern. They are compatible with Toyota Tacoma fog light housing. They have SAE-complaint road-legal light output. There are many items in the market. Among them, ss3 max fog lights are the best items. To overcome the bad weather conditions they always provide great lighting performance. They have advanced tir optics. As a result we can get high efficiency and focus.

diode dynamics ss3 max fog lights


Diode dynamics ss3 max fog lights have several features. We find the innovative feature from them.Here is the description of them.

1. We can get direct replacement compatible with Toyota Tacoma foglamps.

2. Plug and play, we do not need any modification.

3. They have a durable power-coated aluminum construction.

4. We can get them  in SAE driving, SAE fog, flood, combo or spot beam patterns.

5. We get backlight accent feature. We can get them in different colors.

Description of the diode dynamics ss3 max fog lights 

They always provide high-intensity output. We get white output color from them. They are designed and assembled in the USA. When we use them we may need adapter and converter. The lights  have custom engineered TIR optic. As a result  we can get an excellent lighting performance. For lighting projects, we can easily use them. They have better optics than traditional optics. We can get optical simulation modeling here.

 They use  custom-molded TIR optic. They use great LED chip technology. As a result, we get extreme intensity.

They offer SAE-compliant road legal output. We can get a replacement warranty for them. They have special features as well as driver features. They are the products of brand-new technology. We get warranty coverage for these types of lights. We can get yellow fog light options. No modification is needed. We can get them an unmodified pattern.

These lights are great performer than other led pods using basic optics. They are great factory components.

 Before buying we should check the purchase price as well as product details. We can get them at an affordable price. We can get a highly focused 6-degree beam here. We get a factory-style appearance. We need a clean, factory-style appearance.

Led pods are found in white pattern and selective yellow color. In case of white we can see that white color is a 6000k color temperature. On the other hand selective yellow is a 3000k color temperature.

How to install the diode dynamics ss3 max fog lights 

We can install fog lights on our vehicle quickly. We can do it in a simple way. We get the model that is custom bracket. For installing we need to remove the factory fog log assembly. We don’t need to use additional wiring. We should not worry about automotive wiring. We can see that wire adapters are included to connect the lights to our factory bulb sockets. We can connect the ss3 body to its mount by using the two bolts provided. At first we need to reach behind the grille. After that we need to screw the light. By using the factory screw we need to connect the diode wiring harness. After installing we need to test.

Function of the diode dynamics ss3 max fog lights

 Auxiliary parts always helps auxiliary lighting. They have a great wide field of uses. These parts play a vital role in improving efficiency. . Here is the description of them.

1. SAE driving plays a vital role in general illumination. It is an adjunct part of high beam of light. It works better than the traditional spot pattern. It has a great spread of light. It can easily illuminate the road.

2. SAE fog ensures a great wide field of view. We can use it for factory fog lights. It has extreme output.

3. When we need uniform light we can use a flood pattern.  We can use it for backup light.

4. There is another pattern named combo. We get both the driving and food optics in a combo pattern. We can also get the backlight functionality.

We can get several beam pattern options. They ensure highly-functional beam pattern.

We can use diode dynamics ss3 max fog lights for long term operations. We can do different types of test. SAE standards are maintained to complete the corrosion testing. We can also do test on road by racers.

We can get these lights with cutting-edge high-intensity led emitters. They have incredible output. They always ensure power levels. We can get all the answers in product info. We can get them at an affordable price.

Diode dynamics Tacoma fog lights

hen we drive our car through fog diode dynamics Tacoma fog lights help us to see more clearly. Generally, fog lights are placed towards the bottom of the Tacoma.


Diode dynamics ss3 max fog lights are the great performer in automotive LED lighting. We get the the brightest LED technology here. It uses high-intensity LED chips. We can easily use them for factory led lighting and led solutions. They always show the higher quality and better performance. We can easily use them because they are the proven reliability.