Do dash cam work when car is off

do dash cam work when car is off

 Do dash cam work when car is off? it is a common question for us. When we have dash cam we eagerly want to know this. Currently, dash cam is an important accessory of a car. We should know its function and use it properly. For safety and insurance claims, dash cam video footage plays a vital role. When the car is off regular dash cams don’t work. Some dash cam models have features that connect to the car battery or fuse box. These types of dash cams can record dash cam footage despite the car is off. It is really important to run dash cams so that we can record video clips properly.

Do dash cam work when car is off ?

Do dash cam work when the car is off, it is really important to know us for capturing dash cam footage properly. When the car is on dash cam record happens continuously .Majority of dash cams get a power source from the car’s cigarette lighter port. As a result dash cams can active when the car is on. On the other hand most dash cams can’t work when the car is off. To overcome this situation we need dashcams that offer round-the-clock protection.

This type of dashcam has two cameras. Two cameras can capture a full 360 degree around the car. These types of das cam models have settings that can connect to the car battery. They can continue running even the car is off. We should not worry about car batteries. Car battery will not be depleted overnight. Dashcams will deactivate automatically when the car battery becomes low. We need to set parking mode for continuous running. To install this type of dash cam we need to spend more than a regular dash cam. We need more dash cam kits to install properly.

Does a dash cam work when the car is parked? 

We need to use dashcam to record video footage when the car is parked. For recording continuously we need power. We need the power to run dashcam even the car is off and the car is parked. When dash cam has an intelligent parking mode we can supply power to the dashcam by installing hardwire or from the car’s battery. Dashcam works as a parking surveillance camera when we are away from our vehicle. When the dash cam is built-in wifi with the quality dash cam app we can enjoy live feed from a remote distance by using the mobile phone app and cloud connectivity. 

Does a dash cam work when the car is parked

How can we record when my car is off? 

When the car engine is off we need to supply power to the dashcam for running continuously. When the engine is off We can supply power from the car battery. After using a long time car battery can be flat or depleted. As a result, we need an extra power outlet to run the dash cam smoothly. We can fulfill this demand by using a hardwire kit or an external dashcam battery pack. We can install a battery pack in our car. External battery pack plays a vital role to protect battery-powered dash cam. Hardwire kits help to prevent battery discharge. They provide power to the dash cam for running properly.

Definition of parking mode 

Parking mode plays an important role to do dashcam works when the car is off. Parking mode is also known as parking surveillance. We can find parking mode in all premium dash cameras. Cams with parking mode provide around the clock protection and surveillance for the vehicle. Dash cams record will not be hampered. As a result we can get peace of mind. There are many benefits of parking mode. We can use parking mode recording. Clips from parking incidents play vital role for insurance claims.

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Working principle of parking mode 

Parking mode plays a vital role to solve the ques, do dash cam work when the car engine is off?. A dash cam with parking mode is designed to be inactive when the car is parked. Dashcam gets alert for movement or motion but can’t record anything to the memory card. Real parking mode helps to know everything when the vehicle is parked. We need to switch from normal recording to parking mode automatically. We need an automatic parking mode. We can deactivate parking mode from the setting. We need hardwire kit, external battery pack, and power cable to run the parking mode.

Types of parking mode

There are different types of parking modes on the market. They are motion detection, time-lapse, and impact detection.

Motion detection 

Dashcam starts automatically when motion is detected. This type of parking mode takes time to start recording.


The time-lapse mode takes 1 frame,3 frames, or 5 frames per second. It can turn hours of parking videos into a few minutes. We can get a brief idea from this mode. We can adjust the framerate in the setting.

Impact detection 

Impact detection is also known as accident detection. When an external force is detected, the g sensor activates the dash cam to start recording automatically.

Buffer parking mode definition 

Buffer parking mode helps the dashcam to record without writing to the memory card. With the help of buffer parking mode, dashcams can continue recording but they can’t save the footage to the micro sd card. The footage is saved to the dashcam’s internal memory as a cache.

How long we can record in parking mode 

Recording in parking mode depends on various factors. The factors are battery size, battery voltage drop, temperature, MicroSD card capacity, the car’s surroundings. Dashcams in parking mode can record 8hrs approximately when hardwired. After reaching the voltage cut-off level the dash cam will shut down to protect our car battery.

Advantages of parking mode with cloud 

We can use the cloud as backup storage for recording important footage files. We should not worry when the footage is stolen. The footage is stored on the cloud. With the help of the cloud feature, we can enjoy the remote live view from anywhere.


Currently, dash cam is an important accessory for vehicles. It really plays a vital role to protect our vehicle and us. When we have dash cams it is an important issue to know to do dashcam work when the car is off?. In this article, I have tried my best to describe the topic. Hopefully, this article will help to remove confusion from our minds.

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