Dual dash cam with cloud storage

Dual dash cam with cloud storage gives us the opportunity to store data safely. It also helps us to view live footage remotely. Dual cameras are worthy they help us to record the front and rear view of a vehicle. When a dual dash cam has a cloud feature we can get more benefits. If we lose any data it will be tough for us to overcome false claims against accidents.

We can also solve insurance claims and insurance company issues properly. It will be a huge relief for us during critical situations when we have cloud storage. Though many bad incidents can happen on dash cam video footage and data they can be saved online due to cloud storage.

Advantages of dual dashcam with cloud storage 

There are many advantages of a dual dashcam with cloud storage. It helps us to track vehicles in real-time. It also helps us to download important videos remotely. It helps us to view real-time footage from vehicles. We can view footage from anywhere in the world via our smartphones. We can easily do emergency contacts.

From dash cam, we can easily access the footage. We don’t need to copy files from the memory cards. We get an alert messages when an accident occurs. It does not matter where the vehicle is. The vehicle could be parked in a garage or driven by anybody else. We can manage our fleet of vehicles from anywhere.

Definition of cloud storage 

Dual dash cam with cloud storage

Cloud storage stores data on the internet. Cloud storage has data centers with big computer servers that help data store physically. As a result, we can get data available via the web. We can upload and store data remotely. We can also recover this data when we want.

This process can be done by a cell phone carrier’s wifi access, LTE connection, a vehicle internet hotspot connection. We can also do this process directly through a sim card and mobile phone service on the dashcam itself. Video files are safe. They can’t be stolen and destroyed because they are not stored directly on the dashcam.

Best dual dashcam with cloud storage 

We can see different types in the market. Here we describe the top four dashcams. They are 

1. Blackvue DR 900X-2CH

2. Garmin dash cam 67w.

3. Thinkware U1000 4k dashcam.

4. Viofo A129 Pro Duo

Blackvue DR 900X-2CH

It is one of the best dash cams in cloud storage. Both front and rear cam work very well. It has high-efficiency video coding. This dashcam is very effective in 4k video streaming. This dashcam can be hardwired to our vehicle’s fuse panel for parking mode. We can easily do this. We don’t need any optional accessories.

It helps to watch remote live views. We can get push notifications on our phones. This dash cam also plays a vital role to back up important videos to our cloud. This dash cam has CM100LTE connectivity. It helps the dashcam to get 4G LTE connectivity.CM100LTE connects via the USB port of our dashcam.


1. It is a great cloud-enabled dashcam.

2. We can get technical service anytime.

3. It provides two ways of video communication.

4. Micro SD card has enough storage.


1. We need more driver safety features.

Garmin dash cam 66W

It is a compact and discreet dashcam. This dash cam has extra wide view angle that can capture 1440p footage. It performs very well in low light condition. This dash cam can record and save video properly. By using garmin drive app we can control dashcam on our smartphone. It has voce control option that helps us to save video and picture.

It also helps us to start and stop audio recording. It has quality driver alerts feature. Driver can get forward collision and lane departure warnings properly. We can upload red light and speed camera location alerts anytime as our wish.


1. It is a compact dash cam with a lots of feature.

2. Budget friendly dash cam.

3. Installation is very simple. 


1. Voice control should be improved.

Thinkware U1000 4k dashcam 

This dashcam can capture sharp detailed footage. It can use 4k native UHD. On the other hand it can also use 2k QHD at 60 fps. It has quality sony stravis image sensor. As it has wide view angle we can enjoy every moment. It has super night vision. We should not worry about low light conditions.

It has antifile corruption technology feature that helps us to avoid data corruption. We can use remote live video by using cloud feature. It has optional park surveillance mode that helps us to record events triggered by impact and motion. We can get advance driver assistance system support .As a result we can get alert about forward collisions, lane departures and front vehicles departure.


1. It has modern design.

2. We can get go fencing and alerts facility.

3. We can get driving and parking impact notification.


1. Comparatively costly.

Viofo A129 Pro Duo

It is ultra HD real 4k dual channel dashcam. We get super clear video that is four times higher than FHD. We can easily realize street signs and license plate. It has super night vision and WDR technology. We can get better image at night. It has advanced parking mode, wireless wifi and GPS. It has also some premium functions like 4k resolution, loop recording, emergency recording, motion detection, time lapse parking mode etc.


1. It provides high quality video.

2. It is very simple to use.

3. We can use it in hot and climate condition.


1. App should be improved.

Our verdict about dual dashcam with cloud storage 

When we want to buy dual dash cam with cloud storage we can see many options in the market. Here we describe some dashcams. All are good quality. They are very effective. We can be benefitted by using them. However When we have  to choose the best one we need to select one. We think among four dash cams Blackvue DR 900X-2CH is the best dashcam. According to price, video quality and features it is the highest quality dash cam in the market now.

Feature of dual dash cam with cloud storage 

We can see many advanced dash cams with different range of features. Some are key features and some are assist features. There are various types of cams with cloud storage in the market. We can find different types of dash cam models in the dash cam market. We should choose the best dashcams with handy features.

We should not worry about the expensive dash cams. We need to choose the cheapest dash cams as well as finest dash cams. Extra features and advanced features are also seen. We can get two-way voice communication .We have voice control option. From our smartphone we can talk with the people in the car. It has infrared night vision and GPS tracking. We should not worry about ambient light. It could perform well in bright lights and dark lights. Image quality is good as we get digital image stabilization.

We get image sensors feature. We can capture HD video as well as night video clearly.Loop recording and automatic emergency recording facilities are also available. We get 24 hours of loop recording feature. We can get dual recording and audio recording   facilities. We can receive notifications when preset events occur. We can track parking incidents and parked vehicle.

How does cloud work ?

We need to confirm internet connection for car and mobile. Cloud connects us to our car. We need to install app on our smartphone. We can see real time and location of our car. We can also see what is happening around the car. We can do the process in this way cloud dash cam + Internet connection+ smartphone App.

Dash cam installation for uploading to a cloud

We need data connection for the dashcam to upload. We need continuous power for dash cam but hardwiring can be difficult for us to supply continuous power. We need to open an account that can be varied according to dashcam. We can do the job by using app. It is not difficult. It is easy.

We can set configuration according to our choice. We can set cloud storage, push notification and parking mode in this section. As video files are stored in the cloud we can easily access from anywhere. We can do this by using smartphone iOS and compatible smartphone app. Apps are integral part of a camera. We can get this app without any cost. It is free.

Why we need to store video on cloud 

We need dual dash cam with cloud storage for various reasons. Here is the description about them.

1. Our dashcams can be stolen. When we lose our traditional dash cam we lose both memory card and video footage. When the dash cam has cloud connectivity we can save our video.

2. Due to corrupted police we can lose our video files and evidence. When we have video footage on the cloud we are relaxed. Video footage can’t be deleted or stolen.

3. When we have video on the cloud we can access from anywhere if we have internet connection. We don’t need to remove the micro sd card manually. In case of external view and save we don’t need to connect to our computer.

We should not worry about parking guard and parking monitoring. We can watch live video stream from anyplace and any time of day. For having GPS tracking we can easily track our vehicles direction of travel. We have fleet tracking facilities. We can back up videos to our phone and cloud storage. We can play stored video on our smartphone. This type of dashcam has built in wi-Fi network feature.

Dash cam with real time GPS tracker 2022

Currently dash cam with real time gps tracker plays an important role for driver safety. Dash cam plays an important role for both driving and parking to record dashcam footage. GPS tracker is a global positioning system that we use for navigation on the road or in the air.

How much cost for cloud service?

We have to pay monthly cost or yearly cost for having cloud service. Dash cam companies charge a monthly or yearly fee to sync up our dashcam with the cloud service. This service has some restrictions. We have limitations to view footage, live dash cam streams and space use to store video files.

Monthly fee could be 10 dollar per month. Some companies also offer free subscription for new users. Different companies offer different types of facilities. Some companies offer unlimited live dashcam streams with smart and basic plan. Some offers to register one dash cam per free account. We can get extra cloud backup service. We can also get extra downloads facility per month.


Currently, dual dash with cloud storage is a smart device for vehicle. It is really good option for ride. It is a good connected devices. We should not worry about connection issues and connected features. Installation is easy. It really gives us great peace of mind.

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