Garmin GPS with dash camera

A dashboard camera and a Garmin GPS make it feasible to monitor both the location and speed of a moving car. This feature, along with video capturing, is one of its many capabilities. Dash cams with GPS built in are types of satellite navigation systems. By syncing the GPS data with the video, we are able to observe the location and speed on Google Maps. The built-in GPS in our dashcams also plays a crucial part in the event of an accident. In this particular instance, we are able to pinpoint the specific location and velocity of the accident. As a consequence of this, we are able to present the tape to the police and insurance companies as evidence.

garmin gps with dash camera

Why do we need GPS on dashcam?

We are able to check the history of the trip and monitor the driver’s activity when we have a Garmin GPS that also has a dash camera. When we get in our automobile and drive, we put ourselves in potentially dangerous situations. When it comes to making a claim on insurance, everything may go wrong. Since dash cams are equipped with GPS, we are better able to protect ourselves from fraudulent insurance claims by providing specific information. Because of this, you will have a lot of peace of mind. Because we have the GPS capability, we are able to observe the speed that the driver was going before the accident. We are able to feel a greater sense of ease and safety.

Description of the Garmin GPS with dash camera 

1. Garmin drive smart 65

2. Garmin RV camera 795.

3. Garmin dash cam 67w.

4.Garmin dezl 580 LMT-S

Garmin drive smart 65 

It runs smoothly and simply. It is simple to employ. We can readily view the maps thanks to the straightforward navigation. A voice control option is available. It is simple to connect it to a smartphone. Wi-Fi connectivity is available. Software updates are possible without a computer. The History Network and the National Park Directory are available. The data for four square is already loaded. As a result, we might discover countless new and well-liked locations. A driver alert feature is present. Driver awareness is a possibility. For forthcoming curves, railroad crossings, etc., we can receive alerts. Both departure and collision warnings are provided. Turn-by-turn directions are available. When driving, we can gather all the information. As a result, we shouldn’t be concerned about uncharted territory.


1. It has a great display for viewing.

2. It has many routing options.


1. Battery life should be more.

Garmin RV camera 795 

The touchscreen of the Garmin RV cam 795 is 7 inches. It has a GPS integrated in. The road is clearly visible to us. It offers premium video quality. Continuous video recording is possible. Video files may be automatically saved. Other functions are pre-installed on the memory card. The ideal location can be found along the way. With the use of GPS, we can locate the location and time. There are numerous vehicle profiles. We can avoid low bridges as a result. This dash cam is small. With Garmin GPS, we may get an excellent notion of the route when driving our car. It is currently connected to Wi-Fi. A dashcam captures HD video. It guarantees lane departure alerts. A voice command option is available. We can obtain recommendations for more daring excursions.


1. As it has a large clear display. We can easily read it,

2. It has a great magnetic mount. It has a well-designed mounting system.


1. The power cord should be lengthy.

Garmin dash cam 67w

This dash cam is portable. Videos of situations that include GPS position, date, and time can be captured and saved. It has a 180-degree field that is especially broad. Its dynamic range is broad. Wi-Fi connectivity is available. A parking guard feature is present. A parking mode is provided. When an event is detected while we are parked, we can receive an alert. Our compatible smartphone’s Garmin driving app allows us to access this. Dash cam video can be automatically saved. Alerts for camera-assisted drivers are available. We can receive speed camera, lane departure, and forward collision alerts. It has an alert system for emergencies. A motion detection feature is present. It constantly guarantees safe driving. A class 10 or faster microSD card can store data up to 512 GB. HD resolution is provided. Excellent visual quality is present. It can be applied in challenging vehicle conditions. It is usable in hot interior temperatures and direct sunlight.


1. It is a small size with a big enough screen.

2. Ease of installation. We don’t need professional installation.


1. Micro SD cards can support up to 16 GB. For more storage, we need a large memory card

 Garmin dezl 580 LMT-S

A 5-inch truck navigator is present. It has free live traffic and a lifetime match update. It uses a unique RV routing. We are continuously informed of impending weight and bridge height restrictions. Break notifications are sent to us. For real-time traffic, weather, and other features, we can pair it with our smartphone. More features are present. It has Wi-Fi connectivity integrated right in. It can be linked to our mobile devices. The drivers can constantly be tracked. Also, we can obtain delivery details. The display is really visible. File transfers are simple to complete. The packaging contains a suction cup mount.


1. We can use it easily.

2. It is very effective for trucks.


1. Voice recognition should be improved.

How to remove SD card from nextbase dash cam


At the moment, a GPS system is an extremely useful addition to a dash cam. As we are driving, we are able to drive with a sense of calm when we have a Garmin GPS that also includes a dash camera. Before deciding on the greatest goods, we need to examine the production specifics as well as the feedback from previous buyers. We can only hope that this article will assist us in learning more about the Garmin GPS that also includes a dashboard camera.

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