Honda HRV tire pressure light

Honda hrv tire pressure light comes on when one of the tires has low air pressure. Honda HR-V tires use indirect tpms system. As a result no tpms sensors are installed in the wheel. In the case of the indirect system, no tire pressure sensors are installed in the wheel. In the indirect system low tire pressure is communicated through the ABS system. When one or more tires indicate low tire pressure, a tire pressure warning light will show on the dash. We should recalibrate the system when the tire is inflated, rotated, or changed.

honda hrv tire pressure light

How can we reset the Honda hrv tire pressure light?

When we want to reset the Honda hrv tire pressure light, we first need to scroll the screen of the vehicle tire pressure settings. After that, we need to select it. Then we should select tpms calibration. After that, we should select calibrate. For resetting the honda hrv tire pressure light for models with steering wheel buttons we should maintain the following steps 

1. At first we need to press the menu.

2. After that we need to select the customize settings.

3. We need to select tpms calibration.

4. Then we should select initialize.

5. Next we should select yes.

6. Finally we should press menu to exit.

How can we reset the tire pressure monitoring system light of Honda vehicles?

At the time of driving when the low tire pressure light goes off we should go to the nearest gas stations to check the tires. We can also go to the tire shop. We should maintain proper tire pressure. After solving the flat tire problem we can again drive the car properly. In this case warning light should go off. But when the warning light does not go off we need to reset the tire pressure monitoring system light. When we reset the tire pressure monitoring system light we should check the models. Resetting procedure can be varied from models to models.

We need to recalibrate the tpms after changing, reflating, rotating the tires. The recalibration process takes 30 minutes of driving between 30-65 miles per hour.

Models with touch screen display 

When we want to reset the models with touchscreen display we should follow the following steps.

1. At first from the home screen we should select the settings.

2. We should select vehicle.

3. We should select the tpms calibration.

4. We should select the calibrate.

Models without the touchscreen display 

1. At first, we need to scroll and select the vehicle setting screen.

2. We should select tpms calibration.

3. We need to select calibrate.

Troubleshooting tips for relearning procedure 

1. We need to stop the vehicle with the transmission in the park. We should turn on the ignition before stating the indirect relearn procedure.

2. We need same size and same types tires before installation and replacement. We should also set the recommended pressure.

3. After performing the indirect relearn procedure calibration process takes 30 minutes to fully complete. In this case we can see that the tpms light will remain illuminated until it has been driven for at least 30 minutes at 30 to 60 mph.

4. Tpms system is available in USA. This system is not available in canada.

Relation between the Honda HR-V tire pressure light and tpms 

When the car is equipped with the tire pressure monitoring system we can observe the air pressure on each tires. When the system notices a tire is low it automatically turns on the low tire pressure light on the dash. Tire pressure monitoring system monitors the psi of air pressure inside the pneumatic tires on vehicles. This system delivers real-time data to the drivers by using tire gauge, pictogram display and tire warning light. Tire pressure gauge, Honda HR-V tpms warning light informs the drivers when the tire pressure becomes low.

After solving the problems warning light should be off. But if we see the tire warning light flashes we need to reset the tpms. We get tpms reset button under the steering wheel. When we need to reinflate the underinflated tires. After Honda HR-V tire inflation process we need to reset tpms. After changing and rotating tires we need to rest the tpms. We need to reset tpms electronically. In this way, we can remove error code clearly.

Advantages of tpms system 

When we use the tpms system we can get great advantages. We should always ensure the proper tire inflation pressures. Both underinflated tires and overinflated tires can cause problems. Due to the under inflation process tires can face thermal and mechanical overload problems. In this case, we can face sudden destruction of the tires. Fuel efficiency and tire wear also can face problems due to under inflation. On the other hand over inflating causes the tire sidewall and tread of the tires harder. In this case, we get less traction and performance. We can get uneven tire wear. We can also face the contact patch shrinks problems. Here is the description of the advantages of tpms.

1. Proper tire inflation plays vital role for ensuring fuel economy. According to GITI for 10% under inflation on each tire on a vehicle 1% reduction in the fuel economy will occur. For under inflation approximately in the USA 2 billion US gallons fuel of each year. When we have tpms system we can take immediate actions to solve the problems.

2. We can also face tire disintegration problem. We can also face the heat buildup, ply separation and sidewall breakdown problems. Due to have tpms system we can solve the problems.

3. We can face tread separation and tire failure problems. Due to these problems accident can happen. When we have tire pressure monitoring system we can reduce these types of problems.

2008 Honda civic tpms light

When we drive our car we can face the 2008 Honda civic tpms light is on. When we have a tire pressure monitoring system on the car we get alert during the low-pressure situation. We should always ensure the correct tire pressure for tire. When we have no enough tire pressure we can face fuel economy problems.


In this article we have described about Honda hrv tire pressure light issue. We can see that Honda hrv tire pressure light is still on after ensuring the recommended pressure. Besides resetting the system we can drive the car at 50 mph for about 10 minutes. From this article we can know about identifying and solving the problems.