How does a dash camera work

how does a dash camera work

It is essential for all dash cams users to know how does a dash camera work. We can use it for security and a smooth driving. It plays a vital role to identify the actual reason for the accident. By using dashcams we can also save money on insurance. By using dual dashcams we can capture the surroundings of the environment. We also can capture the rearview mirror. We can feel safe when a dash cam has a parking feature because it can record all the incidents when we are away from vehicles.

How does a dash camera work 

 How does a dash camera work, the function of the dash cam is not complex. It is simple.  We can power a dash camera by using the power source of the vehicle’s electrical system. Dash camera works automatically when the ignition system starts. We can mount a dash camera on the widescreen or rear of the vehicle. A dash camera is hardwired into our vehicle. We can power dash camera with a cigarette lighter cable or battery.  At the time of the journey, it can record the road when we drive. By using continuous loop dash camera works.

How does a dash camera manage data?

A simple dash camera does not record the video feed. It provides a continuous display transmitted to a monitor. A dash camera records the video file on a storage media such as a flash drive or sd card. It has limited space. When the memory device reaches the capacity a dash camera automatically overwrites the existing file. As Dash camera can transmit the images we can view records from a remote location. We can use some dash camera, especially for vehicle fleets.

These types of dash cams can manage data to preserve certain events. They can record and overwrite the file continuously. When the vehicle faces an accident or other incidents, the device starts to upload the recording segment. The recording segments happen a few seconds before the event and end after following few seconds following it.

Is it worth getting front and rear dash cam

 Is it worth getting front and rear dash cam, it is very important to have front and rear dash cam. We can get help when we have dual dash cam. The recording capability of HD video is very beneficial. 

How we can use Dash camera data?

When We install dash cameras in commercial vehicles we can get fleet managers with information. By using this information we can judge the driver’s behavior. It really helps to improve driver’s quality as well as reduce accident probability. Car owners can identify the driver’s fault and arrange additional training for drivers to improve. We can use data to protect us from fraudulent insurance claims and civil litigation. Video recordings play a vital role to settle disputes more quickly. Dashboard cameras are really cost-effective security and safety features. It helps to qualify the vehicle fleet for discounted insurance premiums

Where does dash camera stores footage?

How does a dash camera work at the time of data storing? In this case, we need a micro sd card . After fulfilling the card dash camera will automatically loop and record over the oldest 3 minutes files. We can easily transfer footage onto a computer, phone, or tablet. We can store data permanently. When we use 16Gb micro sd card a dash camera can hold video footage up to two hours before overwriting the oldest recordings. Dash camera has a sensor that can detect an accident. When an accident happens that is saved and the files are locked as a result they can’t be overwritten.

How can we view dash camera footage 

We can view dash camera footage in many different ways. This depends on wifi or Bluetooth availability. Most of the dash cameras have removable SD cards. For viewing the dash cam footage we should remove the memory card from the camera. After that, we need to put the memory card into sd card reader attached to our computer copying over the files we need. When the camera is connected to the internet via wifi or Bluetooth we can upload videos to the cloud and view them on the smartphone or other devices using the appropriate app.By using cloud storage we can easily store, edit and share footage. It does not matter where we are.

Do dash cam record audio

How does a dash camera work for audio recording? Dash cameras work very well. Most of the dash cams have audio recording options. It has microphones and speakers. At the time of driving dash camera records audio that we can use as evidence when an accident happens.

How does a  dash camera work at night and parking mode 

All dash cameras can record at night. When dash cameras have WDR and  HDR technology we can get great clarity in night vision. When dash cameras have full night vision we can get crystal clear 4k video. We should not run dash cam in continuous recording mode overnight. When the car is parked we need power from a hardwire installation or from its battery for running dash camera.

When the car does not have a parking mode we should remove dash camera from widescreen when possible. Parking mode can be motion-activated or impact activated. Motion-activated is slightly better than impact activated. Some dash cameras with parking mode can record in a time-lapse configuration. We can get advantages when we park car in a busy environment. In this situation, we get motion-activated parking mode.

Time-lapse configuration helps to capture images by using two frames per second instead of fifteen frames per second. It helps to decrease the amount of footage on the memory card. When the vehicle is parked we can capture anything that happens. Comparatively buying a dash cam with parking mode is more expensive than a basic dash cam.


In this article, we have tried our best to answer the question of how does a dash camera work. Currently, dashboard cameras are really an important accessory for the insurance company and vehicle.  They capture quality footage. The video quality is good. We can use dashcam footage to ensure safety. Video clips are high-quality videos. It is really an important part of personal privacy as well as preventing reckless driving.