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How to Car Cleaning-Detailing

When we drive a car, we face different kinds of environments. During driving on the road, Cars can be contaminated by dust, debris. So, we need to know how to car cleaning the proper way. Nowadays regularly we have to face this problem. To solve this problem we can use auto detailing. Auto detailing is an operation that removes contaminants from the car. For details, we can use gel. Gel plays an important role in detailing. Regular detailing for cars helps to make a car more attractive as well as increase the value of the car.  Several options are included in the detailing car. They are exterior wash and wax, interior vacuuming, window cleaning, and surface finishing.

What is car cleaning or detailing?

It is the process that we use to clean the car. Detailing helps to remove dust from the car. It can also play a vital role to protect paint and other car parts from UV rays and contaminants. Nowadays we can see different kinds of car care products in the market.

Classification of detailing

There are two categories of detailing. They are exterior detailing and interior detailing. Painting the car’s surface, chrome trim, windows, wheel, and tires are included in exterior detailing. Products and techniques may be different due to the vehicle’s surface type and customers’ and detailers’ choice. Products are included in detergents, surfactants, waxes, silicon, and non-silicon-based dressings for plastic trim and tyres. Buffering compounds and polishes, brushes, and drying towels are also included in exterior detailing.

Interior detailing:

When we clean thoroughly all internal parts of the car that is called interior detailing. Cleaning Carpet, leather, various natural fibers all are included in

Interior cleaning.

For cleaning, we use steam, white vinegar, liquid, and foam chemical as well as brushes.

Currently, we need car cleaning products to complete car detailing. At the first wheel, brushes are needed to clean the wheels. After that, it is essential to clean the car exterior and then need to clean the car interior. If we want to better result we need to buy high-quality tools.

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What is a car detailer?

Car detailer means a person who is called by a car owner to provide car detailing services such as car washing, cleaning, polishing, repainting the car. Detailers can make the car brand new. They do the job by cleaning not only the car exterior but also the car interior surfaces. Normally they work at the car dealerships, car rental agencies. Auto detailer provides car detailing service independently or may work with a team. Detailers always keep automotive cleaning tools and equipment for cleaning vehicles. It is really hard work to make the car new by cleaning but by auto detailing service we can get the car almost new. Currently, the Auto detailing business is really a good business. When detailers work to clean cars, they should pay attention to different areas such as paint, chassis, wheels, and headlights. For detailing a car completely car detailer needs an average time of 2.5 hrs.

How kind of business is auto detailing?

Auto detailing service is a low-cost business. The car detailing business provides great service for the car owner. Sometimes car owner cleans car individually but many often car owner uses car detailing service. The auto detailing business does not need much investment. Car owners have to pay more for quality detailing services. Car detailing services include several services. They are a wash, wax, interior vacuuming, interior polish, window wash, tire cleaning, mirror, and trim cleaning. For a mobile car wash, the average-sized vehicle charge is 50 dollars to 150 dollars. For SUV and van charge is 75 dollars to 150 dollars. Full-time detailers can earn 75000 dollars in profits per year and part-time detailers can earn 50,000 dollars in profit per year. Normally Average of 70 dollars is charged at the mobile car wash and detailers get 75 percent of that money.

How to car cleaning or detailing

The car detailing process is one of the most important processes for car cleaning. It is not a difficult process but it can be difficult when a wrong procedure or wrong products are selected. For car detailing we should follow these rules:
We should not wash our car in the sun’s rays. All the car wash products can’t perform well in the sun rays. If we want to get a better result we have to work outside the sunrays.
We should not use the same materials for all washing purposes. They can cause contamination. We should avoid using the same materials. The important area’s like the rims, wheel rims, or lower panels can get extra dirty. We should keep our supplies separate.
When we start to clean firstly we need to clean wheels and tires because they are the dirtiest part of the vehicle.
When we touch the paint we should use some sort of lubrication. Without lubrication wiping, cleaning, or touching the paint should be avoided.
We need proper wash mitt, car shampoo, trowels to get the best result.

Best ways of car detailing

It is not essential to wash our car every weekend. Many times we cause bad effects on the car due to use poor technique and wrong stuff. During winter the roads are treated with various products for ensuring a safe drive. In this environment, many car owners think that they should wash cars frequently. As during winter roads are involved with dirt, you can damage your car when cleaning. For protecting car paint we should take steps.

We should ensure all the necessary accessories near the car so that we can do the job perfectly. If we want to wash the tyre, we need 2 buckets, microfiber towels, wash mitts on hand, and a brush. We should park our car outside the sunlight. Washing time depends on car size. Before washing the car we need to prewash the car. It is essential for us. Scrubbing a car without prewashing causes more surface damage by pushing all the dirt and grime all over the surfaces. Prewashing plays a vital role to minimize swirl marks and scratches. We can use a microfiber cloth for cleaning vehicles. Microfiber cloth has many fibers that can easily collect dirt, grease, grime. Microfiber towels can play a vital role in cleaning vehicles. They are absorbent.

Microfiber towels can easily collect tiny fibers and remove liquid from a vehicle’s surface. They can absorb water eight times more than their weight. Microfiber towels are a really good tool for drying a vehicle. We should clean the wheel and tyres first. During winter extra salt can cause corrosion. First, we need proper car detailing gel. We should not use washing-up liquid, dish detergents, and household cleaners because they are extremely harsh. They can cause a problem with the car’s finish. By using the two bucket method we can clean our car. We should polish our car when it is required. We should polish usually during full detail once or twice a year. For getting quality results we can buffer.

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How to protect and maintain our car

After detailing we can protect the paint finish by using good wax or another sealant. We can follow several processes such as Wax and Ceramic coating. Waxes are inexpensive and by these, we can add some extra shine to the car. Its duration is not much only a few weeks. Ceramic coating can be last on a permanent basis. It costs more than wax. It takes more time to apply. We can paint our car with house paint but it is not the best option for car paint. We can choose urethane car paint for car paint.

This paint has a massive quality and can resist fading for 10 years. It can also dry quickly and we can also paint it over any previous paint job. After painting, we can use a clear coat that helps to increase color duration. It is very expensive and helps to make the color shiny. We should also clean car floor mats. We use carpeted mats and rubber mats for cars. Between them, carpeted mats can be washed easily. We should take the following steps for cleaning car floor mats.

How to clean car floor mats.

We should remove car floor mats from the car.
We should vacuum both sides of the mat to remove all kinds of dust.
We can use baking soda.
We can also use the soapy substances.
We should vacuum the mats again.
We need to dry mats thoroughly.

We also need to clean our car glass. When we use glass cleaner, we should use it carefully so that it does not touch leather type any product otherwise it can cause a problem. Cleaners and waxes are better than glass cleaners for glass cleaning. We can also use microfiber trowels for cleaning glass. We can make glass cleaner at home by rubbing alcohol, one cup of water, and one tablespoon of vinegar.

How to clean dirty wheel wells

• We can use a steam cleaner to remove dust from the car. If we want to make the old car new, we can use steam cleaner steam cleaning cost will be around 75 dollars. We can clean the window by applying steam with the window tool. We can directly spray steam on the surface. After that, we should use a microfiber cloth for wiping.
• We can also use clay bars for removing pollutants from car paint, glass, fiberglass, and metal. A clay bar can be synthetic and natural. It is very useful and effective. We can use it undoubtedly. For massive improvement of surface finishing, it plays a vital role. We can use it 3-4 times for a car in a year. Clay bar lasts 18 months to 2 years. There are three types of clay bar. They are fine, medium, and heavy-duty. Fine clay bars are used on older paints, medium bars can be used for all purposes. When we use a heavy-duty medium bar, we should be careful.

How to use a clay bar

1. We can use soap for cleaning the door panels. We can mix the soap with water, then we scrub the door panels with a microfiber cloth. We can use a dry cloth for dry. If necessary we can also use compressed air for cleaning door panels.
2. For cleaning leather inside the car, we can use a leather conditioner. After cleaning leather we should dry the leather. In case of finding any cleaning residue in leather, we should remove it. Then we should apply a leather conditioner. We can use various kinds of oils such as coconut, lemon, and bay oil instead of leather conditioners for cleaning leather.
3. We can use carpet shampoo for cleaning our car carpet. For cleaning a big carpet it is the best option. When we clean big carpets filled with a lot of dust we should use carpet shampoo for the best result.
4. We use a cup holder for holding a drinking vessel. We can use glass cleaner to clean it. We can also use a soap vacuum for vacuuming the cup holder.
5. The car can face road grime on the road during driving. road grim includes unburnt fuel, additives, iron, vanadium, sulfur, oil brake dust, cement dust, etc. For removing road grime We should wash our car regularly, clean the wheel and tires. 6. We should also polish headlights and clean both inside and outside the glass.
6. The steering wheel can be dirtied by our hands. Many times we touch the steering wheel with a dirty hand. For cleaning first, we should wash dirt. Then we should wash gently by using cloth that is added with leather cleaner. Another way we can clean by using a leather conditioner.

How to remove scratches from car

Rubbing can cause a problem with light scratches in our car. It is a disappointment to see rub in our car. Without repairing the car’s body we can easily solve the problem. We can remove scratches from the car by paint correction. By paint correction, we can level the paint and get the original condition. Cleaning, Leveling, polishing, and releasing are the procedures of paint correction.
For removing light scratches from the car, we can also follow some steps

  1. At first, we should wash and dry the car.
  2. We need to mark the scratch with a masking place.
  3. Then we should apply wax scratch repair.
  4. We should use a microfiber trowel for removing dry.
  5. Then again apply wax scratch repair.
  6. We should repeat the process for up to 5 minutes.
  7. Finally, we have to apply the mixture to mix in the repairing area.

How to remove brake dust

Iron particles are found in brake dust. Brake pads cause brake dust by grinding the cast iron brake rotor. We can follow some steps to remove brake dust from the wheel.

  1. We should wash the wheel.
  2. We should choose the right brake dust cleaner.
  3. We should spray the wheel with brake dust cleaner.
  4. We should use a brush for scrubbing the wheel gently.
  5. The wheel should be cool before touch.

How can we shine car tires?

We can use different types of products for tire shine. Different types of products are available in the market. Tire shine is also known as tire dressing. We should select such kinds of tire shine products that make tires shine as well as expand their durability. After selecting the right tire shine products properly, we should apply products properly to the tire. It is essential to choose the right tire shine products otherwise choosing bad products can cause problems to the tire. It can damage the tires and wheels. We can buy tire shine products from the store. If we want, we can also make it easier. We can find solvent-based and water-based tire shine products. Between them, water-based product is comparatively is safer and more effective. We can shine tire without tire shine products. Firstly, We need a bucket then add half a cup of water into a bucket. After that, we should add the baby oil and mix it with three drops of automotive shampoo. Next, we should pour the solution into a spray bottle. After shaking the bottle we can spray the homemade tire shine directly onto the tire. We can also spray onto microfiber trowels for doing the job. We should follow some steps to apply car shine products.

  1. At first, We should clean the tires properly.
  2. Then we should dry off the tires.
  3. After that, we should apply tire shine.
  4. Then we should wait until the tire shine sit. It takes 10-20 minutes to sit.
  5. Finally, we should remove the extra tire shine.

What Mistakes We should avoid.

Everyone follows some steps for detailing a car but we should care about some mistakes to avoid.

  • We should not use sponge or chamois for our car. We need a microfiber mitten to need decent microfiber trowels.
  • We should not wash a car in direct sunlight because gel reacts poorly when exposed to direct sunlight. We should always work outside the sun. This will help to prevent the risk of water spotting and pooling.
  • We should avoid households or dish soaps to clean. It causes damage to our surface.
  • We should use a different bucket for soap and rinsing. We should use one bucket for car soap and another bucket for rinsing.
  • Many car owners clean the wheel and tires at last. It should be avoided. We should clean the wheel and tires at first.

Nowadays we can follow different processes and different types of cleaning products for cleaning the car. The cleaning product is a good choice for us. We can also use household cleaning products such as baking soda, vinegar, and dish soap for cleaning the car. Instead of wax, we can use a hair conditioner. It works very well. We can use toothpaste to polish our car. There are many car cleaning brands in the market. Meguiar is one of them. Meguiar produces quality car care products that we can use for the car. Chemical product is a really good choice for cleaning the car. For ensuring clean and more hygienic results we should avoid some chemicals such as formaldehyde, ammonia, chlorine. Nowadays Auto detailing business is a really good business. By providing car detailing service auto detailers can earn money easily.