How to clean air filter in car absolutely [2023]

When we have a car, it is essential to clean inside and outside of a car to make a nice place to enjoy. How to clean air filter in car? For ensuring the nice performance of a car, cleaning the air filter of a car plays an important role. The filter prevents dust, debris, and other dirt particles as small as a grain of salt so that they can’t mix with the fuel.

Car’s air filter plays an important role in running engine properly. A car’s air filter is also known as an engine air filter. Engine filter supplies clean air into the engine. When we have a clean air filter, the air intake system works properly. The air intake system supplies clean air flow into the engine’s intake manifold. Air intake ducts are enclosed conduits for a fluid.

They admit air to be mixed with fuel. Without cleaning the engine air filter, air-fuel combustion does not take properly. For this reason, a spark plug can’t work well for ignition in the internal engine. Rough idling can be happened due to an abnormal spark plug. For rough idling abnormal rpm as well as the odd sound can be happened. A dirty air filter causes a problem on the combustion that hampers to run of the engine.

how to clean air filter in car absolutely

A dirty filter also causes problems with engine performance as well as fuel economy.  We can follow different steps and accessories to clean the car air filter. Besides engine air filter we should also clean cabin air filter to remove dusty conditions inside the car for better performance of air conditioner. The cabin filter helps to keep health, heart health, and cardiovascular health in good condition. Due to dirty air cabin filter mold growth can be happened. As we have a clean cabin air filter we need not air condition repair regularly.

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A cabin air filter is an important accessory in a car. During traveling when we are inside in a car we need to take breathe. It is essential to have a cabin air filter for taking clean air to breathe…

Why we should change the filter in the car?

For running a car’s engine air-fuel mixture plays an important role. During the combustion process, the air fuel mixture needs to be burned properly for better engine performance. For this reason, we need clean air and fuel for proper burning. We need a fuel filter so that we can get clean fuel. Fuel filter increases fuel efficiency. For proper lubrication in the machine parts, we need an oil filter. Oiled Filter helps to reduce friction by supplying fresh filter oil.

The oil filter cleans lube oil. For ensuring better performance we need to clean the oiled filter regularly. There is a difference between an oiled filter and a dry filter. As Dry filter has a smaller micron size of filter media, it removes 99 percent of contaminants. On the other hand-oiled filter removes 98 percent of contaminants. The dry filter has paper type filter element with several layers. The dry filter uses a paper filter. We need air filter oil to catch more dirt and debris. If we don’t use air filter oil, more dirt can pass. We can pass more air by using the oil-coated filter.

We need to clean dirty filters for better combustion. A dirty air filter can’t supply enough clean air for burning. Dirty air reduces fuel economy. There are different ways to clean an air filter. Air cleaner helps to remove dirt, dust, and other contaminants quickly. It also plays a vital role to remove larger dust.

We can also clean air cleaner by using compressed air. We can do cleaning jobs easily by using compressed air. Besides the car air filters, we should also clean the cabin air filter to enjoy the environment inside the car. The cabin filter helps to provide clean air that we need to take for breathe on the other hand it also helps to work air conditioner properly. The cabin filter is also known as an ac filter.

When we want to find a cabin filter inside the car we should search behind the glove box, in the engine compartment, or under the dashboard on the passenger side of the vehicle. For removing the cabin air filter we need to open the glove box. There are different brands of air filters in the market. K &N air filter is one of the best air filter car air filters. For small cars, we can use disposable filters. Disposable air filters are not reusable.

For cleaning air filters we can also use different brands of filter cleaner such as k & n air filter cleaning kit, aerosol filter cleaner, and cleaning kit, filter oil spray, etc. Aerosol filter cleaner can clean all oiled k & n air filters.

When we should change or clean the air filter?

Normally we should need air filter replacement after driving 15000 miles. For ensuring better air flow we need to clean the air filter between replacements. When we see a decrease in acceleration and gas mileage we should try vacuuming and cleansing the air filter. We should read the manufacturer’s operational manual to clean and change the air filter. We should follow complete instructions properly to set up a new air filter.

Cotton, paper, or foam are used to make air cotton filters, paper filters, and foam filters. We can use soap and warm water but we should read the operation manual. We should not use soap solution on an oil coated filter. We can change water quality by using filter media in the filter. The real filtration process takes part in the filter element.

The filter element may be biological or mechanical. In an air filter, the filter material is used. Filter material is needed to clean air in the air filter. Fiberglass material, pleated paper, and cloth are used to make air filters. We should change the filter when we observe the following signs.

1. When we observe the decrease in acceleration. It is not at a satisfactory level.

2. Gas mileage is not at a satisfactory level. Decrease in gas level.

3. Combustion problem causes on air fuel mixture problem.

4. When we hear abnormal sounds.

5. We should check the engine light when the engine light on. We should check the engine light after regular time intervals.

5. When we watch black smoke from the exhaust port.

6. At the time of starting when we feel strong scent from petrol or diesel.

How can we change the car air filter?

When a car air filter becomes a clogged filter with dirt and debris some drivers want air filter replacement by a new air filter. They think changing an air filter is comparatively better. Without visiting the workshop drivers can easily do the maintenance. It is a simple process. We need not special tools to set up a new filter.

We can do it easily within a short time. For completing the job first we should buy an air filter. After that, we need to identify the air filter box under the hood. An air filter cover is used to enclose the air filter inside the air box. We need to open and close the air filter cover when we replace the air filter.

We should remove the box and old filter. Finally, we should place the new filter at the old filter place.

How to clean air filter in car?

It is essential for us to know how to clean air filters in the car. We can easily clean a car’s air filter. There are different methods to clean engine filters. We can use different types of methods to clan clogged filters. Here we describe some steps to solve the answer to how to clean air filters in the car.

  • We should identify the air filter position. We should find it at the top of the engine. If we don’t find it we should read the manual. In case of having no solution after reading the manual, we should read online and watch u tube video.
  • Plastic housing and metal housing are placed where we can find an air filter. We can also say them air filter housing air. In the beginning, we need to open up filter housing. In the case of a new car, we can easily remove the filter from the air filter housing by clipping down but when we have an old car we need to unscrew or unbolt a section of the filter housing.
  • For proper cleaning, we need to use a vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner plays a vital role to clean an air filter. For cleaning filters, we need to connect the hose attachment with a vacuum. After cleaning both sides of the filter within two minutes we can easily see the dirt and debris. After cleaning we need to check the air filter with bright light so that we can easily identify the rest of the dust and debris. After final checking, we can replace it.
  • When an air filter becomes too dirty and we have much time in hand we should use water for washing. Though we need more time to clean with water in the dry season it gives more outstanding results. For making proper solution we need to bucket of water and laundry detergent. We can make a cleaning solution with clean water and laundry detergent. Then we should submerge the air filter with a cleaning solution. We should use our hands to remove dust and debris from the filter. After cleaning we should use a towel for filter drying. We should not use a damp cloth. Though drying depends on where we dry it. Normally it needs 24 hours to dry. After drying fully we should use it otherwise damped filter can cause a problem for the engine. A slightly damped filter can block air flow.


1. What to do if the filter is difficult to reach?

Ans: Most of the filters we can easily reach. If there is a problem to reach we should communicate with a mechanic for proper solutions.

2. When we should clean or replace an air filter?

Ans: Air filters should be changed between 12000 miles to 15000 miles. The filter should be replaced once a year. We should check the operation’s manual for taking decisions.

3. What Time Of The Year Should The Air Filter Be Changed/Cleaned?

Ans: Spring is the best time for changing and cleaning the air filter.


Car’s air filter r is an essential accessories of a car. When we drive a car in a dusty environment auto filters can be dusted easily. For ensuring better performance of a car we need a clean air filter. We need to clean the car’s air filter for ensuring better air flow. Without proper air flow car’s engine can’t work properly. Besides car better performance it is also needed for our health safety. Hepa filters control blood flow by reducing airborne particulate matter. It is also used in a hair dryer or blow dryer to remove contaminants. Overall it is really an important part of cleaning the air for ensuring better performance.