How to clear sd card on dash cam

How to clear sd card on dash cam

When we have dash cam it is essential to know how to clear sd card on dash cam. Nowadays dashcam is an essential accessory for a car. We need a micro sd card to record video footage. We need a reliable, fast, and durable sd cards to record video footage. When we choose dashcam we should prefer durability to speed rate. As dashcams can support up to 64gb in capacity we should check the manufacturer’s website. Regular users should format sd cards every 3-4 weeks for regular formatting. On the other hand, heavy users should format every  2-3 weeks.

How to clear sd card on dash cam properly 

We can follow two steps to solve the issue of how to clear the sd card on dash cam. We can clear sd cards by using two methods.By formatting process, all data can be cleaned. If we want to keep data we need to copy them

1. We can format on the dashcam itself.

2. We can format it on a computer.

When we want to format on the dashcam itself we should follow several steps.

1. At first We should turn on the dashcam.

2. Secondly we need to stop its recording.

3. Thirdly We should open the setting.

4. Fourthly We should go into setup.

5. After that we need to scroll across and click format.

6. Finally we should follow the instructions.

On the other hand, in the case of computers, we should follow these steps.

1. Firstly we should plug the sd card into the sd card port.

2. Secondly we need to click on the drive when the drive appears.

3. Thirdly we should select the format(Windows) or erase.

4. Fourthly we should not click the quick format box.

5. Finally We should follow the instructions.

Why sd card is important for dashcam

Why sd card is important for dashcam

Sd card is essential for dashcam. We need to back up important data. When we lose data we can face major problems. Sd card plays an important role to record data. Older mediums of storage were hard to use. When we use these types of memory cards we can face problems to store data. We can use sd cards by plugging into the device. We can do this without running any software. As a result we can transfer data from one device to another device easily. Due to updated technology currently we can get more durable and faster sd card.

How long we can use sd card in a dash cam 

Dashcam recording time depends on according to storage. Dash cam can record about 40 hrs for 256gb,20 hrs for 128gb,10 hrs for 64 gb sd card, 5 hrs for 32 gb card. We can use any sd card for dash cam. When we choose sd card we need to check the writing speed of sd cards. Writing speed depends on quality of dashcam.

How to choose the best sd card

360 degree dash cam with motion sensor

Besides knowing how to clear sd card on dash cam we should also know how to choose the best sd card. There are different types of memory card in the market. When we check sd card we should consider some factors. They are speed class, physical size, capacity, compatibility etc.

1. When we choose the best sd card we should check the speed classes of sd card. Card Speed is an important factor. Speed classes are manufactured by speed association. They act as a guidance for the speed manufacturer. Manufacturers use speed classes to distinguish between different speeds classes of sd cards.

There are three types of speed classes. First is 2, 4, 6, and 10. Second is ultra-high speed classes u1 and u3.Third is video speed classes of v6, v10, v30, v60, v90. We can use these classes for professional photographers and video graphics. Speed class 10 and UHS cards are suitable for FHD video recording. On the other hand class 4 and 6 can be used for HD recordings. As a result we should check card with speed properly.

2. We should choose the proper card size according to our device. There are three sizes of sd cards. All memory cards provide the same data. They all have the ability to support data.

3. When we choose the sd card, we should check memory capacity of sd cards. We all don’t need 1 tb micro sd cards.Sd cards can be available from 1 mb to 2 gb. On the other hand SDHC card can be available from 2 GB to 32 GB.

4. We should also check the compatibility issues of the sd cards. Dash cam should support sd card properly. We need to avoid corrupted memory card. We should choose dashcam memory card from the SDSC or SDHC category.

How to use sd cards 

We should know how to use sd cards properly for solving the issue how to clear sd cards on dash cam. Using sd cards is not difficult. It is simple to use sd cards. Most devices have card slot. It helps to produce card tray. We need to insert the card in this tray and push the tray into the sd card slot. After closing the slot dashcam can detect the card and help to store information on the card. By using card adapter we can get more advantages.

How to protect sd cards

Recording failures can be happened for card error. For continuous recording we need to protect micro sd card. We can face card corruption issues due to various reasons. Card damage can be reduced by following several steps. Here is the description to reduce memory card errors.

1. When we get dash cam memory card we need to do card formatting.

2. We should left some memory card storage space.

3. We need to put out the memory sd card properly.

4. We should do memory card formatting in the original device.

5. We need to store the sd card in safe location.

6. Before removing the sd card we should turn off the dashcam.

7. We should use high quality card reader.

8. We should not use same card on many devices.

9. When dash cam battery becomes low we should not use the card.

10. When we see any kind of memory card error problems we should stop using the card.


Sd card really plays an important role to store data. It is more effective than old storage medium. By using sd card we can solve memory card storage problem. Sd cards can face problems due to use corrupted device. We need to know how to clear sd cards on dash cam for getting fresh card. In this way we can get effective result from the card.

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