How to connect dash cam to fuse box correctly

How to connect dash cam to fuse box

It is essential to know how to connect dash cam to fuse box properly. Currently, dash cam is an essential accessory for vehicles. It really plays an important role to capture video footage of both the front and rear sides of the car. We can connect dash cam to fuse box by using hardwire kits. By using hardwire kits we can run dash cams 24 hours even the vehicle is turned off. Hardwire kits ensure constant power.

By installing a dashcam we can see how we and others drive. It also helps to find the proper reason behind the accident. As dashcam has a GPS tracker we can get emergency services by using it. We get footage from the front and rear view mirror side from the dual dash cam.

Definition of a  fuse box?

When we want to know how to connect the dash cam to the fuse box at first we should know about the fuse box properly. We use a  fuse box for controlling the electrical currents that flow through the car’s electrical components. We can protect the electrical components of the vehicle by using this. We need to add a fuse kit because we can face overload problems.

For this problem, we can face overheating that can cause damage and possible fire. It is also essential to use hardwire kit for the fuse box so that we can supply power to the dash cam. For hardwire kits, we should use a fuse between 10A-30A. For cigarette lighter fuse we should not use a fuse that is over 15A fuse.

What is a fuse box

Power source for installation 

We need a battery to provide power to the electrical components of the vehicle. Without a battery, we can’t able to start the vehicle. We need a good quality battery before installation. We can also use a USB outlet or cigarette lighter socket for the power source. In these ways, we can solve power issues.

How to test a car battery  

A good car battery that has more battery life plays an important role to solve the issues of how to connect the dashcam to the fuse box. When we have a good car battery we can run our vehicle properly. A good car battery also helps to perform our hardwire kit and dashcam well. When the car battery is not in good condition we should replace our battery.

We need a multimeter for testing the car battery. Before starting the process it is essential for us to access the car’s battery. It is also needed to identify the negative and positive terminals. When we want an actual reading we should let our vehicle sit inactive for at least 1 hour so that we can get a resting voltage.

 How to connect dash cam to fuse box properly?

How to connect the dash cam to the fuse box properly? For solving this issue we need 

1. Hardwire kit.

2. Fuse kit.

3. Crimping tool.

4. Multimeter.

We can complete the installation in 60-90 minutes. It is an advanced installation method. We should do the job carefully.

For connecting the dashcam to the fuse box properly we should follow some steps.

At first, We should select the dash cam position.

secondly, We should locate the vehicle’s fuse box.

Then we should start routing the wire from where we get power.

Next, We should locate a fuse that is hot at the start 

Finally, It is essential to select a ground point.

How does a dash camera work

It is essential for all dash cams users to know how does a dash camera work. We can use it for security and a smooth driving. It plays a vital role to identify the actual reason for the accident….

How to choose the dashcam position?

At first, we should choose the perfect position for the dashcam. We should place the dashcam near our hands. It is essential to mount dash cam properly so that we can view the road clearly.

How can we locate the fuse box?

It is essential for us to know the location of the fuse box. In most cases, the vehicle’s fuse boxes are placed directly under the dashboard. The position can be the driver’s or passenger’s side. In this situation, we can easily access the steering wheel. We can use a fuse box diagram so that we can find the proper location. When we don’t find a fuse location we should communicate with the manufacturer.

How can we locate the power source ?

The location of the car battery can be different from car to car. Most of the time vehicle’s battery can be located inside the engine bay or inside the trunk. When we do not get the exact location of the car battery in the user manual we should contact the original car manufacturer. On the other hand, in most cases, we can find the USB charging port in the glove box compartment. For proper use of USB charger we need to turn off the cigarette lighter socket.

Routing the power cable 

We need to route the power cable properly. We should hide the wire along with the headliner. We need to hide the wire between A-pillar to B pillar and the rest under the carpet.

How to locate a fuse?

We always find power in-vehicle fuses. When the vehicle is running we may find power in the vehicle’s fuses. Dash cam runs automatically with the running of the vehicle. It is essential to  add a circuit kit to a hot in-start fuse. A simple circuit tester can be used to identify which fuses are in hot start.

Then we need to install the installation kit add a circuit power cable.

Finally We need to locate a ground point.

How we can  locate a ground wire point 

When we need to locate a ground wire point properly. We can ground other ends of the installation kit to our vehicle. We can see that most of the cars have at least one obvious ground wire point near the fuse box. It is essential to remove the lower kick panel for entering the ground point. It is essential to remove the ground metal bolt and add the ground lug to the installation kit.


We should ensure a safe installation process for solving how to connect dash cam  to fuse box issue. When the installation is not proper for vehicles can face serious damage. Hardwire kits supply permanent power by connecting dash cam to fuse box panel. They also protect vehicles from battery drain. Hardwire kits really play a vital role for the vehicle owner to know how to connect dash cam to fuse box. It is also helpful for using the parking mode feature. For ensuring smooth operation for dashcam hardwire kits are really great devices.