How to fix inside car light

When we face problems with the car interior light we should know how to fix  inside car light. Car light is an essential feature of a car. When the light works properly we can feel safe inside the car. It is also very helpful for us on board. We can see many types of interior lights. When the inside of a car starts to look a bit of dim we should replace or upgrade the car interior lights. We should not work hard for this. It is very easy. We can do it in a simple way even it is first time.

how to fix inside car light

Description of car interior lights 

Besides knowing how to fix inside car light, we should know about the car interior light properly. Car interior light can be various type of lights. It can be dome light, map light, instrument panel light, high end car feature mood light. We can see that dome lights are situated overhead. They are used at night to brighten the car. We can also see map lights.They are two small lights on the roof in the very front of the car. One light on each side. Instrument panel light is another type. This light helps the drivers to see the gauges easily in the market. We can easily adjust the brightness.We can also see the high end cars feature modd lighting.

How to fix inside car light problems 

When the light inside the car does not turn on we need to take several steps. Here is the description about them.

1. At first we should check the dome lights.We can easily fix them. Among all the lights in the cabin it is the easiest way to fix the problems. We can face lighting problems when someone other than the drive uses a dom light and dimmer switch. In this case when we open the door interior light does not work. We can see the different push button combinations for on. It is also depend on the wiring.

2. We can see that interior lights do not work but radio or stereo work. In this case blown fuse could be the problem. We need to access the car’s fuse box. Fuse box location depends on the model. It can be located inside the engine bay or under the dashboard.  Fuse can still look fine even it is blown.We can check a light fuse by using test light or multimeter. When we find blown fuse we need to change it with same type. Otherwise car’s wiring damage can happen.

3. After replacing a blown a fuse with the new one we should observe the situation. If a blown fuse still ends up blown short circuit may be the cause of the problems. In case of a short circuit, we need to call the electricians.

4. We can also face problems due to bad door switch. Due to bad door switch, the interior light of the car can affect. We also know it as the door lamb switch. When the door switch is fine interior light will come on at the time of opening the door. On the other hand interior light off in case of closing the door. We need to check the door switch by using a multimeter. When the multimeter does not show continuity or change in readings we need to replace the door switch.

How can we install interior car lights?

After knowing how to fix inside car light we should know the installation of car lights. We can install light properly by taking the following steps. Replacement light

1.At first we need to choose the location. We should measure the area. After measuring the area we need to calculate the total number of lights.

2. We can install interior light in different ways. There are some methods. We can install custom lights by using zip ties and glue.

3. We need different types of tools for example trim removal tool, crimp tools, diagnostic tools for installing lights properly. We also need zip ties, wire connectors,electrical tape and glue etc.

4. Before installing we need to ensure the power source. We should ensure that the power source should be at least 12v. In case of connecting the lights in the vehicle’s fuse box we need to ground the negative power wire.

5. After that we need to connect the case lights to the power source. We should choose a suitable place for the light controller so that we can reach it easily.

6. After completing the above steps properly we need to test the lights. When we find any fault we need to check the steps again. Troubleshooting can be taken if we need it.

For ensuring safety we can add fuses to the wiring or circuit.

How can we choose the car interior light bulbs?

We can choose the car interior light bulbs easily. It is very easy to do it. Most led strips are designed to fit most types of vehicles.

 We need to identify the location and the total number of Flights. We can find a dom light in the headliner of the interior roof and a couple of map lights usually mounted close to where the rearview mirror is. We can also find the map lights for the rear seat passengers in the lower part of the inside of the doors. We can contact the vehicle manufacturer for the bulb fitting information. We can also get information from the vehicle service manual.

We can replace car interior lights with led lights. We don’t need any tools or experience. Led bulbs have a longer life than incandescent bulbs. From power source, they consume less power.

When we choose light we should choose a high-quality brand.

Automotive underhood work light

Automotive underhood work light plays a vital role to get a good view of the engine. It also helps us when we work under the car.


Currently car interior light is an important feature for car. It helps to the passengers and drivers to entry and exit of the vehicle. We can easily use them to illuminate certain control surface. They also provide unique style to the vehicle interiors. Hope this article will help us to know how to fix inside car light.