How to remove sd card from nextbase dash cam

How to remove sd card from nextbase dash cam

When we use a dashcam it is essential to know how to remove sd card from nextbase dash cam. We should use an sd card that is specially designed for dashcam. Next base sd cards are specially designed for dashcams.

There are different types of dashcams in the market. We need to use an sd card for recording dash cam footage of the front and rear window. Sd card sizes can be different from dashcam to dashcam. We should use a sizable dash cam. Max memory card size of dashboard video cameras is 400gb. We should ensure durability for better recording of video clip. Sd cards help to keep files safe. We need to remove sd card from nextbase dash cam properly otherwise sd card damage can happen.

Which steps should we follow to  remove the  sd card ?

When we want to know how to remove the sd card from nextbase dash cam it is essential to follow some steps.

1. It is essential for us to withdraw the cover that protects the card slot. For this purpose, we can use a paper clip as well as a thin tool.

2. We should push down gently on the MicroSD card. We can do this by using the blunt tip of a pen.

Why does the sd card does not work?

Dashcams have a memory card slot. We need to remove the sd card or the flash drive properly from the slot. We should also put the card into the adapter properly otherwise card error can happen. We find various reasons for sd card failure. Here is the description of them.

1. We should not plug and unplug the micro sd card when the dashcam works. We should turn off the dash cam at the time of plugging or unplugging the card. The memory card should be off at the time of plugging or unplugging.

2. We should not use sd cards when longevity is over. Sd card is a  consumable product. It has no ability to read and write for a long time.

3. It is mandatory for us to check dash cams when the micro sd card burns out multiple times. In this case dash cams may have problems. It also may have a power and power cable problem.

The duration of sd cards is limited. It could be a few months to a year. Duration depends on usage. For max use we need to format sd cards once a month. We should use separate video files for unprotected videos. We should replace the memory card when it becomes unusable.

Working principle of next base dashcam

 it is one of the best dash cams. it has a good sized screen.We can watch the dash cam review. Nextbase dashcam record in a continuous loop. The oldest dash cam footage will get overwritten by the newest footage. Dash cam record depends on the size of Sd card. When we use a large sd card we can record more dashcam video files. We need to do regular formatting so that we can use sd cards for a long time. The formatting process should be done after regular time intervals.

We can power the dashcam by using a 12v cigarette lighter power cable or textbase hardwire kit. We should plug this into a 12v 2 to 20 amp.20 amp is the maximum recommended supply. We can power dash cam by USB. Dash cam has USB port. We can run a mini USB cable from the car’s USB port to the dashcam. We can see cabin view by attaching rear view camera separately. This dashcam performs very well in difficult time as well as night time.

When Nextbase-522GW dash cam records we see red circle flashing in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. Numbers on the screen count up to 1,2 or 3 minutes. We see that  This dash cam will only record in  1,2 or 3-minute segments. After recording new segments oldest footage will be deleted. Finally, we can save the new footage. As a quality product, we can use nextbase sd cards in our dashcam.

Do dash cam work when car is off

Do dash cam work when car is off? it is a common question for us. When we have dash cam we eagerly want to know this. Currently, dash cam is an important accessory of a car. We should know its function and use it properly. For safety and insurance claims, dash cam video footage plays a vital role. When the car is off regular dash cams don’t work. Some dash cam models have features that connect to the car battery or fuse box. These types of dash cams can record dash cam footage despite the car is off. It is really important to run dash cams so that we can record video clips properly.

Why should we use the next base sd card for dashcams ?

For dash cams we should use next base sd card. This card is designed for dashcams properly.It has loop recording fetaure. This sd card has the ability to record and overwrite data continuously. We need a high endurance card. It has this feature. This sd card is a u3 sd card. It has minimum write speed of 30 MB/s. We can use this sd card for a long time.

How can we remove a stuck memory card ?

How to remove the sd card

In case of a stuck memory card we need to know how to remove sd card from nextbase dash cam. We can remove a stuck memory card from the micro sd card port by using several steps.

1. We need to turn off the dashcam. We should not work when the dashcam is on.

2. We should make sure the card is really stuck.

3. We should use the flashlight to locate the stuck card.

4. We should use needle-nose pliers to gently grab the chip.

How can we  remove write protection on micro sd card? 

We can follow several steps to remove write protection. Here I have decided the steps one by one.

1. We need to toggle the physical switch. Sd cards have a slider that acts as a locking mechanism.

2. We need to check the card’s properties and space. When we add a removable device to windows we can toggle a setting that prevents writing to it.

3. We need to reset the card’s attributes.


There are many modern dash cams in the market. Nextbase is a nice dash cam. It has exceptional video quality. For saving dashcam video properly We need to use sd card properly otherwise the list of video files can be hampered. We also need to know how to remove sd card from next base dash cam. I have tried my best to describe the topics. Hope everybody could be benefited from this article.