How to use car dash camera

Currently how to use car dash camera is a common question for all vehicle drivers who use a car dash cam. Nowadays dash cam is an essential accessory for video recordings. It is a great image sensor that we can use for capturing high-quality video. Dash cams record video that is helpful for us. Dash cam records video footage that we can use to avoid a false claim of an accident. In this case dash camera footage plays a vital role.

Many times accident can happen due to reckless driver. Major accident can happen by bad drivers. We should avoid the harsh driving event. It also helps to protect us against insurance fraud. Some insurance companies offer discounts. Drivers can demand insurance claims. As a result, drivers now can feel relaxed and enjoy driving on road trips. It is not a tough job to use a car dash camera for taking dash cam video. We can easily use it to take dash camera footage. It really provides peace of mind when we drive. For getting the best result we should know how to use car dash camera properly.

How can we use dash camera?

When we buy dash camera we have to know how to use car dash camera. It is not a difficult task for us. We need to follow four steps for using it.

how to use car dash camera

1. Insert a memory card 

When we want to know how to use car dash camera at first we need to insert a memory card. We should do this job carefully.

2. Attach the suction cup mount 

After that we need to attach the suction cup mount to our windshield. We should place the suction cup in such an area so that the area does not obstruct the driver’s view.

3. Plug the power cord 

Finally, we need to plug the power cord into the power source.

4. Make sure the record light is on 

After getting a power supply most dash cams record automatically. Record light depends on dashcam model. Record light may be red, blue or another color. At the time of recording, it may solid or blink.

In this way, we can use dash camera. The recording is done automatically. Now we can now enjoy the driving.

How to install advanced dashcam.

When we want to know how to use car dash camera, we should install dash camera properly. There are different ways for installing dash camera. For installing dash camera in vehicle easily we need to use the standard cigarette lighter power outlet that comes with practically every dashcam.  We may also need professional installation service. Advanced dashcam installation can be done by a qualified individuals or businesses only. If we don’t know properly it is very dangerous for us to work with vehicle’s power system. If we have doubt we should contact with professional for installation service. Here is the step to install an advanced dashcam.

1. Select dashcam position 

At first we should select the dashcam position. We can place the dash cam within arms reach our seat. When we select a position we should not mount the dash cam in a location that obstructs the view of the road ahead. The best place to put dash cam is the center of the windshield and behind the rearview mirror.

2. Locate vehicle’s fuse box

It is essential to know the location of the vehicle’s fuse box. We run a power cable from the dash cam to the fuse box. Most fuse box is located under the dashboard. In this case, we can easily access the fuse box below the steering column.

3. Start to route the power cable 

We should know where to route the cable and how much slake to leave on the way down to the fuse box.

4. Identify a fuse that is hot at the start 

When the vehicle is running, vehicle fuses have power at all times. We should add a circuit kit to a hot in start fuse so that dash cam starts when automatically the vehicle runs and turn off automatically when the drivers stop the vehicle. We can use a simple circuit tester to identify which fuses are hot at the start. We must also use a circuit tester to ensure the ignition key is off when there is no power at the fuse. On the other hand, the ignition key is on when there is power at the fuse.

5. Add a circuit power cable 

We should remove the ignition key. After that, we should remove the fuse. Then we need to install a fuse into the installation kit add a circuit power cable.

6. Locate a ground point  

We should locate a ground point. Other ends of the installation wiring kit must be grounded to our vehicle.

7. Tied up the install 

We can use zip-tie to tight up the excess power cable. Then we can store wiring cables in safe places.

8. Check installation 

Finally, we should check the installation. We should insert the key in the ignition. Then we need to turn it to the run position. After installing correctly we can see our dash cam turn on and begin recording.

How to use car dash camera in all environments 

We need to use dash cam in all conditions. When we use it in extreme temperatures we should follow the following steps.

1. We should keep it from direct sunlight.

2. We should use reflective cover in hot climates.

3. We need to take down the dash cam. We should remove the dash cam from the window.

4. We can mount a small fan to the dash cam.

5. After reaching temperatures in excess of 120 degrees we need to blow hot air.

6. We should use a capacitor rather than a battery. The lithium-ion battery is great for moderate climates but in the hot climate, we should use capacitors.

On the other hand, when we use a car dash camera in cold temperatures we should follow the following steps.

1. We should warm the cabin interior first in cold temperatures.

2. We need to use a supercapacitor instead of a lithium battery.

3. We should remove our dash cam overnight.

4. We need to buy a good micro sd card and memory capacity should be 32gb. It is the best choice. Internal memory can be 16gb-64gb.

How to format memory card 

It is essential to format memory card periodically. We should do maintenance on memory card due to fragmented nature of the files. These files can clog up our memory card. They can cause card full Fragmentation can cause serious impact on flash drive performance. For solving this problem we should clear memory card at least once a month. We can format memory card via the on screen menu of the dashcam itself. We can also do it by plugging the memory card into our computer. After that we need to follow the following steps.

1. First we should select the memory card.

2. After that we should format the card.

3. Then we need to uncheck quick format.

4. Finally click start.

Why do we use dash camera?

How long does a 32gb sd card last in a dash cam

Some time we use 32gb SD card for our dash camera, however, the question is how long does a 32gb sd card last in a dash cam? The 32gb sd card can last up to four hours when we record at 720p HD or 1080p HD at 30 frames per second.

It has a wide variety of applications. There are various types of dash cams. We should choose the best dash cam model. It plays a vital role when an accident occurs. In case of an accident, it is an impartial witness. Many dishonest people can claim false issues but dash cam provides true evidence that is helpful for us. We should choose dash cam model that has handy features. We should observe key features and premium features.

It needs wide range of features. It needs a GPS tracking system, audio recording, rear recording, sound recording, voice control, motion detector and motion sensors, etc. We need to ensure continuous power. For ensuring continuous power we can use power bank. It needs intelligent parking mode as well as parking monitor so that 24-hour monitoring can be ensured. 

 By having GPS tracking system, we can get position and speed at all times. It really helps us to know the exact position at exact time. We can get help from dash cam footage. Real video clips help to save the innocent victim.  It has a night vision and loop recording feature. By loop recording feature it can continue recording. We can record dashcam footage in low-light environment. We can capture nighttime footage. It can also capture license plate numbers. 


We should not try to do anything with our dashcam while driving. When we need any adjustments to the settings we should wait until the safe zone. We should not do anything with the dashcam before moving into a safe place. It will be safe for everyone. Before using we should check dashcam operation and manual. If we don’t know how to use car dash camera we should contact the professional driver so that  dash cam can record quality footage and avoid unexpected events on the public road.