Type’s of 4k ultra hd dash cam

Type s 4k ultra HD dash cam has 4k resolution. As it has 4k resolution it can record all the surroundings. For ensuring great footage we need 4k resolution. This dash camera can record 360 degrees around the vehicle. Currently, it is the best dash cam because it has a wide view angle. We can also operate this dash cam at low temperatures. We can easily capture crystal clear videos in summer and night. It will not be easy to install the dash cam, when we use a 12v outlet adapter for providing the power. This dash cams provide more details of what happened before, during and after an accident.

How to select the best dash cams 

There are different types of dash cams in the market. Before buying the best dash cams we should consider several things. Here is the description of them.

Type's of 4k ultra hd dash cam

Video capabilities 

1. We need dual dash cams.We need such kinds of dasah cams that support dual channels.

2. We need wide angle lens camera. For capturing the wide field of view we need 120 to 140 degrees. Some cameras have 160 to 180 degrees angle lens

3. We need such kind of dash cam that can capture detailed video clearly at day and night.

4. High dynamic range is not essential but it can make more detailed video because of better contrast.

Power connections 

It has different types of power options. Here is the description of them.

1. Most of the companies have powered their dash cams via 12v power socket and USB cables.It can lead to an unsightly cable run. After turning off the car,the power dis appears.

2. Many companies offer kits that connect the dash cam directly to a constant 12-volt power socket. It is always on power. It is not easy to install.

3. Many dash cams have battery or super capacitor. Super capacitor helps dash cams to operate after losing regular power. After losing 12v power, a battery gives us a constant power supply to record an entire incident.

Description of type s 4k ultra HD dashcam 

It has 360 degree Hd recording.It has HD resolution. It has a digital video format. It has night vision. It can record nice clear videos at night .It has a 12 v power adapter and hardwires cable. It has also 16gb SD card. Memory card capacity can be upgraded up to 128GB. It has WDR, G-sensor, loop recording technology.

Key features of 4k ultra HD dashcam

1. It has a 139-degree viewing angle. It can record the entire road, pedestrians, and vehicles.

2. It has a g sensor technology that can do motion detection job easily. The camera will save and secure the video automatically. The picture quality is good.

3. It has GPS feature. It can track routes on the map that includes speed and distance.

4. It is never run out of memory. After fulfilling the memory card, loop recording automatically overwrites the unlocked oldest recordings. It can support up to 128Gb memory cards.

5. It can capture more detail including license plates with 4k ultra HD recording. It has four times the pixel resolution of  1080p with screen. 4k is either 3840 horizontal resolution  by 2160 vertical resolution or 4096 horizontal resolution by 2160 vertical resolution.

6. It can automatically lock video during an accident or break-in event. It has video mode.

7. It is built in wifi GPS.

8. It has rear camera. We can buy the rear camera separately that works as a rear dash cam.

9.It has sd card. video files are stored in memory cards.

10.It has a mode with motion features.

11. It has impact detection features. It can easily detect a sudden impact.

12. It has a great resolution as well as park & record mode. These features help to detect potential thieves.

13. It has qhd front.

Advantages of type S 4k ultra HD dashcam

1. It has great video quality.

2. We can easily set up.

3. We can easily use it.

4. We get amazing video quality from this dash cam.

We can also use it for rideshare. We can easily use it.

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Data would be saved during video recording. We can view the GPS location in the video clip from the type s drive app.

Yes, it has 16gbu1 microsd card. It can support a micro sd cards up to 128gb.

The camera is powered by 5v dc power. We need to connect the power source with a USB cable or the cigarette charger.

Safety Instructions

1. We should not expose the car chargers to rain, moisture, or snow.

2. We should use an attachment recommended by the manufacturer.

3. We should not operate car charger with damaged cord or cigarette lighter connector.

4. We should not operate the car charger after receiving a sharp blow.

5. We should not dissemble car charger.

6. Before maintenance or cleaning we should unplug the charger.


1. When dirt, rain or snow attaches to the camera, the monitor can’t clear objects. For solving this problem we need to rinse the dash cam with water and then wipe it with water.

2. We should not use alcohol, benzine, or thinner to clean the camera. They can cause problems on camera. For cleaning cameras, we should use dampened cloth, mild cleaner, and water.


Currently, type s 4k ultra had dashcam is one of the best 4k  dash cams. There are many simple average dash cams in the market. We should choose the best one. By using this dash cam we can control, watch and live stream on our phones. It has an accident auto-detection feature. It has great recording options. For ensuring exclusive performance we can easily buy this. It has great customer service. It has great image quality as well as great recording modes. From customers’ reviews, it has star rating.