What does tpms car meaning?

When we drive our car it is essential to know the tpms car meaning. Tpms car meaning means tire pressure monitoring system. When we drive our car we are familiar with the term tpms. This system plays vital role when the tire pressure becomes low. During driving we get alarm from this system when the pressure becomes low.

Due to low air pressure, we can face bad situations. When the tire pressure is low tire can be underinflated. As a result, we can face tire wear and tire failure situations. Though tire pressure light on we can see tire is fine. Sensors can give the false result due to various reasons. In this case we need to identify the problems and then take the necessary steps to solve the problems.

tpms car meaning

What is the location of TPMS?

Besides the TPMS car meaning, we should also know the location of TPMS. This system works with the sensors. The sensors are located in the tire pressure valve. This valve acts as an antenna. We need batteries to run sensors. We can’t replace these batteries. We can use a lithium-ion battery for 5-10 years. Sensors transmit information to an onboard computer. Tpms has five parts. it has four sensors that are mounted on the wheel. It has also an indicator in the vehicle’s computer system.

How does TPMS work 

With the tpms car meaning, we should also know the working principle of TPMS. Tpms give alert alarm due to underinflated tires. It works in two ways. One is direct tpms. Another is indirect tpms.

Direct tpms get pressure data directly from the tire valve. This system uses four pressure sensors to transfer data. It always monitors pressure levels. We can also get the temperature readings. This system transfers data to the control module. Here the data is analyzed and interpreted. When the tire pressure becomes low data is transferred to the dashboard. When the tire pressure becomes low we can see the illumination of light on our dashboard. This system transfers data wirelessly. Every sensor has a unique serial number. In this system, we can get the individual pressure rating. During maintenance comparatively, it will be more costly.

We can use another system that is indirect tpms. It works by using ABS system. ABS system uses on-wheel speed sensors. We can get each wheel’s rotational speed from sensors. This system uses on board computer system that helps to compare the speed conditions. Computer gets data from tire sensors. The indirect system does not measure tire pressure. It measures the tire’s regular tire rotations. When the abnormal speed happens we can see the under inflated tires. In this situation, the driver gets alarmed by the system.

How much we can drive with tire pressure light on 

when we see the tire air pressure becomes low we need to check the all-wheel tires. If we do not get any leaks or tire damage but light is still on we need to drive at least 10 minutes at over 30mph. We need to take this type of action so that the car can be warmed up. We should wait until the turning light is off. We can also disable the light by resetting it.

When do we need air for tires?

As we need proper tire inflation we should do regular tire pressure checks. Due to a lack of proper inflation level, we can face tire premature wear. Current tire pressure becomes low when the tire becomes soft and moist. We can get over-inflated tires when the tires become hard. In this situation, it is not possible for us to push down on the tire at all.

Why do we need tpms sensors replacement?

For performing tpms properly we should reactivate and recalibrate tpms regularly. We can use tpms for 5-10 years. We can easily replace tpms when it has a rubber stem. In this case, we do not need special tools. But when the sensors have hex nut stems we should tighten them carefully with tpms valve stem tool. According to the tire shop We need to ensure comprehensive tire service from the automotive service center after installing or changing new tires.

We need around 205$ to replace the tpms sensor. For labor cost, we need around 54$. On the other hand for parts, we need around 180$. It is not included with taxes and fees. We can use my old tpms on my new wheels and tires but in the case of lease vehicles we need to use new tpms. For ensuring good condition we need to do this. We should install tpms properly otherwise we can face problems that will be challenging for shops and technicians.

Tpms sensors maintenance 

We should do tpms sensors maintenance properly. We can increase the duration and longevity by using proper maintenance.

Proper tire maintenance helps to maintain proper tire pressure. When we get proper tire pressure we can prevent wear, better fuel economy and better tire life. Due to broken tire sensors, fuel economy can be hampered. We can get better gas mileage from proper tire inflation. Improper inflation causes catastrophic tire failure. We can face breakdowns and failure due to this types of problem. We should inflate tires properly. Properly inflated tires reduce a higher risk of accidents.

We need to check-up regularly. In order to do maintenance, we need to disassemble the sensor and replace a few key components such as gasket, valve core, valve net, etc. In this way, we can maintain proper air tight seal. We can also remove corrosion. When the sensors reach the dead-end their lifetime we should change all the sensors at the same time. A spare tire is not included with tpms sensors. We do not get data until the replacement of the normal wheel.

Mazda 3 tire pressure light

When we drive our car we can see that the mazda 3 tire pressure light is on. It is really important to maintain the proper right pressure. Due to underinflated tire, we can meet the tire failure. We need proper tire inflation.


In this article besides tpms car meaning, we have learnt more about this system. When we drive our car we need proper tire pressure. Correct pressure always increases fuel economy. In tpms tire pressure sensor plays a vital role. During driving, we need tpms so that we can face the problems successfully when the tire becomes flat tire. This article really helps us to know about tpms car meaning as well as total tpms process.