What is new car anti theft device [2023]?

What is car anti theft device

Classification of Car anti-theft devices

  • The wheel lock is one of the most typical anti-theft devices. This device can be easily attached to the steering wheel of the car. As this device has a key, it can be unlocked easily.
  • A brake lock is another Anti-theft device. This device can be attached to the brake or clutch pedal. This device can be easily locked in place. It has a key so that it can be unlocked easily.
  • We can also use a tire lock as a car anti-theft device. The tire lock can be clamped onto the tires. This device hinders spinning. It is made of heavy-duty steel. Tire locks is durable and can be often used for the vehicle.

Essential features of car anti theft device

These devices are designed with heavy metal like extra-tough steel. Due to the feature of tough steel, it is very difficult to steal the device. Hammering, sawing, prying, and freezing can be hindered by steel. Wheel mount is another important feature. It can grab hold of the steering wheel. In this way, the wheel is prevented from turning. This device helps to lock the device and wheel in one place. For this reason, stealing is not an easy task for a thief. The lock is an important issue for anti-theft devices. Every lock has specific keys. Each key is fit for the specific device so if anybody tries to steal another key, it is not possible. There are many anti-theft devices available in the market. We can easily buy them for our car protection. They are

  • Steering wheel lock.
  • Tire locks.
  • Brake lock
  • Car alarms.
  • GPS devise.
  • RFID tags.
  • Hood lock.
  • Key fob.
  • Audible alarm.
  • Anti-theft light.
  • Ignition lock.

Other characteristics

  • Tire size plays an important role in choosing a tire lock. Before choosing a lock we should know the size of the tire. Tire locks fit perfectly for most tires. In the case of using large mud tires for trucks or jeeps, locks may not be fitted properly.
  • Brake size also plays an important role in choosing a brake lock. Before choosing a car device, we should measure the car’s brake and clutch pedal.
  • Every lock has its keys. So we need more space in the caring, and we need more time to unlock the device. In case of losing the ring, a new set may be difficult.

Anti theft devices for car

  • A steering wheel lock is an important device for a car. It helps to prevent theft by immobilizing the vehicle’s steering wheel. It costs around 50 dollars.
  • A tire lock is another important device. It is also known as a boot or security tire clamp. It costs around 50 dollars and up. The brake lock helps the brake pedal or clutch pedal remain strong. Hence, the vehicle can’t be driven. It costs around 50 dollars. The kill switch is another antitheft device. When a thief tries to steal, it helps to disable the electrical system. It costs around 25 dollars, when we install it otherwise it will cost 100 dollars if someone installs it.
  • The Hood lock is used for protecting the car’s expensive tools. Normally, a vehicle has a locking mechanism for the car.
  • A key fob is a keyless electronic lock system that prevents access to a vehicle without using a traditional mechanical key.
  • An ignition lock is another important device for vehicle safety. For starting a car, the ignition key is inserted into the ignition lock. It is mounted on an ignition switch. An ignition switch is an electrical component that locks the ignition.
  • An audible alarm is used for detecting unauthorized entry into a car. Creating audible sounds prevents theft.

Automatic car anti-theft device system

Though old vehicles have not familiar with an anti-theft device, nowadays, many cars have an anti-theft device. They have car key security devices, for example, transponder keys. By using transponder keys, 40 percent of incidents of theft have been decreased. They don’t allow the car to be driven without the presence of the owner’s key. They are very expensive to replace. Car alarm systems are not as effective as transponder keys. As passersby hear the sound regularly, they can’t pay attention.

Vehicle tracking and recovery system

Vehicle recovery devices help to get the car owner’s stolen vehicle back. Nowadays, there are several kinds of tracking systems we can get in the market.

  • We can buy it for around 40 dollars. In case of losing our vehicle, we can track our car with our phone.
  • Subscription services like Onstar have a security plan. It gives service at 25 dollars per month. If our car is stolen, the company helps to prevent our car’s engine from starting.
  • Vehicle recovery devices like LoJack systems also play an important role in recovering our cars. They inform us by phone or email if somebody tries to drive our automobile. They also use radiofrequency technology for recovering cars. Lojack systems cost between 695 dollars and 995 dollars.

Working principle of the car anti-theft device Alarm system

Sensors are installed in the car. The anti-theft system works on sensors. Due to impact or the movements inside the car, sensors are activated. Sensors also get alarms in case of changing the car position. As OEM systems have a remote keyless entry system, this system can easily lock/unlock the doors. By using this system we can also start the engine. This system also uses a radio receiver, immobilizer, motion detector, and wireless USB system. A remote keyless system can also operate. Strong cryptography authentication mechanisms can also operate the mechanism.

How do I know about my car’s anti-theft device?

Currently, in the modern car, we can find dash lights that activate the anti-theft device for saving cars from auto theft. By seeing the light is on and flashing we can be sure that the anti-theft device is activated. There are many safety features. We should use the approved anti-theft device. We can use tracking devices, car electronic immobilizers, mechanic immobilizers, etc. By using GPS track we can know the real-time location.

How we can prevent theft

  • We can keep valuable items in a safe hidden location. We can consider desk stationery as a safe place.
  • New technologies are being invented to solve the problem. Mobile applications, wireless communication, and radio frequency technology play a vital role in solving the problem.
  • It is possible to prevent theft by deactivating the function.
  • We can use security tags. By using electrical article surveillance, select DNA, and smarter water we can prevent theft.
  • We can use tracking software for laptops, cell phones, and even gadgets.
  • Valuable items should be marked with various forensic marking materials to prevent theft.

Car Anti-theft device for insurance premium

Nowadays vehicle theft is rising with the increase in buying a car. Automobile insurers provide facilities. To car owners for setting up an anti-theft device in the vehicle. This device helps to get security as well as an insurance facility. The discount does not apply to the entire premium amount. If the vehicle has an anti-theft device, car insurers will give a discount on the premium. Discounts will be applicable for the following components.

  • Third-party cover.
  • Own damage cover
  • Personal accident cover.

Car insurance companies and insurance discounts issue

When our car is stolen, it is a great problem for us and a major cost for the insurance company. Most car insurance companies have discount facilities for drivers who have the antitheft device in the car. The discounts will be 15 to 20 percent of the cost. Different auto companies have different policies. We should always consider what type of discount we get. We should also use Insuring to compare car insurance rates across providers. From Insuring we will also know about an antitheft device. In the USA, most states follow the auto insurance policy in case of an accident. Auto insurance is applied for in various cases, for example, damage or theft of our car our legal responsibility to others bodily injury or property damage, cost of recovering injuries, and rehabilitation.


Currently, we can consider car anti-theft devices an important part of our cars. Before buying, we should also check the company’s discount and insurance policy. By installing this device in our car, we can feel safe and secure.