Learn new things about what is car jump starter [2023]?

What is car jump starter

Definition of Car Jump Starter?

Car Jump starters are portable battery devices that are used for running the engine of the vehicle. By using jump starter battery we can active dead battery of car. With the help of these devices, we do not need any additional vehicle to supply power to a dead vehicle battery. Lead-acid batteries are used in jump starters.

Usually, the amp ratings of the battery are from 300Ah to 1700Ah. If the vehicle’s battery cannot run the engine, we should use the jump starter to solve the problem. For ensuring better results, we have to pay a better price. When we buy a jump starter, we need not all the accessories that are included with the jump starter. For example, flashlight or portable air compressor can consume a charge, which can damage the battery. So we need to avoid these additional accessories. Car jump starters rely on lithium technology. They can be easily stored under our seat or corner of a vehicle. They are ready to solve the problem in an emergency. As they start the engine they can be called starter packs.

Why do we use it?

Portable jump starter is helpful for us when we travel to a remote location. Besides this during traveling in any area, we can face an uncomfortable situation. Solving the unexpected battery problem it can play a vital role. It can also be used as a backup charger to charge the phone. Generally, a jump starter device, jumper cables, device charging cord, and user manual are included.

Types of jump starter

Currently, we can get various types of jump starter easily. They are portable and plug-in varieties. Portable models are built-in batteries. After using they need to be charged. For charging, several hours may be needed. On the other side, plug-in chargers are less portable but they need to be connected to the power outlet.

Working principle of car jump starter

The Jump Starter can transfer its peak amperage to the battery. It can be done by attaching to the battery terminals. We can also increase the cranking amp of the battery by jump starter. When we start the jump starter we should not locate it near any moving parts. It is very simple to hook up the jumper pack to the battery terminals. We should use Reds for the positive side and black for the negative site. After connecting the clamp to the battery, we should turn the battery on for the jump starter. Some models have the ability to peak amps automatically without power on/off button. After clamping to the battery terminals, the jump starter transfers its peak amperage to the battery. It also helps to increase the cranking amperes of the battery. When we start the vehicle, the wires and jump starter should not be located near any moving parts. As the jump starter can only put out a base peak amperage, the jump starter will not charge our battery if we keep it plugged in for a length of time. We should take care of battery and battery terminals regularly because the dirty or corroded battery can cause a problem for the alligator clamps. This kind of battery can also hamper the jump starter from transferring its optimum peak amps.

Secondary features

There are different kinds of extra accessories that can be attached to a car jump starter. They may be USB chargers, flashlights, or air compressors. Some may have 110v inverters. Due to more accessories, less starting power can be available in an emergency. A portable jump starter works as an auxiliary battery pack. We can use it for charging the phone. It is good to buy two. One is for regular use and another is for emergency cases. Portable jump starters are small, they can be set up in small places.

How can we use a jump starter to restart our car?

We should know how to jump-start a dead car battery. If we know it, it will save our money and time. The driver can save more time if they have a jump starter. A pair of jumper cables are attached to portable jump starters. We can use them easily. After connecting to the terminals, we should start the jump starter as well as turn the ignition switch. If the problem is simply a dead battery, most of the vehicle will start on the first or second try. Once the car is running, disconnect the cables in reverse order. These starters can be charged by a cigarette socket, USB, or wall socket. By using power bank we can charge car’s electronics. Power bank will be useless if it is not designed with jumping a car battery. For jumping car we need 12-24 v or able to crank out 100+.

Charging of jump starter

A portable car jump starter can be useful in case of having good battery. A good battery has long time charged.By using single charge it can give nice performance. If the battery is too dead, the jump starter will not much be effective. We can charge the jump starter pack in different ways. We need fully charged battery for jump.

  • Many car battery jump starters and charges have standard plugs. We can easily connect the plug to an electric outlet. Batteries can be charged by using electricity.
  • Batteries can be easily charged by using an a/c adaptor. We can easily do this.
  • Solar energy can also be used. We can use solar power to charge a battery jump starter.

How can we do maintenance?

We should keep the jump starter in a cool dry place when it is not used. We should not keep it in a very cold place. It should be kept at charged to get the best result during the use.
Many car batteries can fall randomly. It is a great problem for us. A jump starter is a device that is used to recharge a car battery to start again. By the best jump starter, we can do the job easily.

What is jumper cable?

Jumper cable is a pair of thick electric cables fitted with clips at either end. This cable is used for starting vehicle by connecting its dead battery to the live battery of another vehicle. Jumper cables are also known as booster cables or jump leads.

How to use jumper cable?

Fist we have to know the position where the battery is located. Most of the time battery is located with the engine. We should park the cars close together so that we can connect both cars’ batteries with jumper cable. Both car’s parts should not be touched each others. We should be careful about that electrical current. It should be flown through the jumper cables. At the beginning of the process powered should be off for both cars. We should observe battery terminal of the battery carefully. After that jumper cable should be connected to the batteries. We should connect red cable to the positive terminals of both batteries. Then one end of the negative cable should be connected  to the negative terminal of the live  battery  and one end should be grounded. Dead battery will be charged immediately after starting the car with live battery. Sometimes dead battery will be able to start the car immediately after charging. But dead battery needs to be charged. After charging few minutes we should try to start the car with dead battery. If we fail, we should try couple of times. After starting we should disconnect the cables in reverse order. We should not touch before disconnecting cables. We should follow the orders below when we disconnect the cable

1. First we should disconnect the negative terminal of the cable from the chasis

2. After that we should disconnect the negative terminal of the cable from working battery’s negative terminal.

3. Then we should disconnect the positive terminal of the cable from the working battery’s positive terminal.

4. Finally we should disconnect the positive terminal of the cable from the dead battery’s positive terminal.

How to choose right jump starter

There are different types of jump starter, for example, car jump starter, and heavy duty jump starter. Peak amp and cranking amp are play vital role to choose right jump starter. Heavy duty jump starters are used in trucks, industrial vehicles, construction equipment and other heavy equipment.

Cranking amp of battery jump starter

When we buy car battery jump starter, we should check cranking amps of the battery. Cranking amp is the ability of battery to start engine. Cranking amp is the amount of power that a battery can discharge for 30 seconds at 0 degree celsius. At the time of starting engine we need this power in all-weather except winter. Higher cranking amps of battery are better for starting engine.

Peak amp of jump starter battery

We know that for jump starter battery peak amp is the maximum amount of current that is pushed by the jump starter for cranking the engine. By this process we can turn the starter motor in the vehicle. If any problems are caused by peak current, stable current will avoid the problem.

Cold cranking amps

During winter it is difficult to start engine due to thick oil and increase movement resistance of internal parts in the engine. As a result we need both CA and CCA ratings for batteries. Cold cranking amps is the amp that a battery can push out for 30 seconds at 0 degree. Without dropping under 7.2 volts. If we buy jump starter with 500 CCA rating, it will start any vehicle with dead battery.

Lithium jump starter

When we need to start our engine, we can use Lithium ion jump starter. This device is placed in car’s tool box and glove box of our car. We can use it by connecting booster cables into 12v power port one end and other end to a car battery by using clamps identical to traditional booster cables.

Difference between car battery charger and car jump starter

Though they are handy to solve problem of weak car batteries, there are differences between battery charger and jump starter. Car battery chargers are used to charge car battery. For supplying current they need power source. Generally they dependent on household electricity. Car battery charger is a portable charger that can restore energy to a car battery. On the other hand jump starters have dedicated batteries, they do not need any power source. Jump starters supply instant power to car battery for starting engine, currently jump starters have extra features such USB port, LED flashlight.

Currently jump pack is a common device in our car. It can play vital role for starting car. As it is portable we can carry it with us. Jump starter has reverse polarity protection. It can’t be damaged if the power supply polarity is reversed.

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